Tattered Afshari

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Tiptree Pattern: Afshari by Hunter Hammersen Started: 6/2/14 Completed: 6/20/14 Notes: I love the way these fit and probably wear them once a week. The yarn is holding up well to all that wear but I might knit another pair soon anyway!

C’s Hat

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Tepper Pattern: — Started: 5/23/14 Completed: 5/28/14 Notes: The nicest lady at my crazy post office asked for a hat. She wants a hat that will accommodate her very long dreadlocks, but she doesn’t want wacky colors. Making up the pattern as I go along.

Handspun Hat

Yarn: Two of my handspun yarns Pattern: The Amanda Hat by Gina House Started on: 1/3/15 Completed: 1/5/15 Notes: (And this, kids, is what we call foreshadowing!) I got a third of the way into it and worried that I didn’t have enough yarn, so I ripped it out and added …

Good NEWS everyone!

Whenever I say that, I hear it in the Professor’s voice, from Futurama. Anyone else? No? Just me? …. Anyway, just a quick pop in to say that this picture means…. … that we have Internet now at HaldeCraft World Headquarters! See that guy on the ladder at the corner …

Studio update

Halloo, all! I’m in town today at the old house, stealing some Internet… wait, is it really stealing if I’m the one paying for it? Stealing some time for the Internet, how about that…? ANYWAY, I just wanted to pass on a couple of studio photos, to give you an …