Five things I’m enjoying this week

Every day I’m farther away from this bone break, I’m in a better and better mood. The shock of being who I am one minute and then hardly even being able to wash my hair the next took a while to subside, but now every day is more about how I can do what I can do, rather than thinking about what I can’t do. Here are five things I’m doing right now.

1. Reading on my Kindle app. Most of our books are still packed, and the one physical book I was reading is about three inches thick — I can sort of balance it on one leg in the reclining chair, but forget propping it up and reading it in bed… hence, using the Kindle app on my tablet. Don’t worry, real books, you know I’ll always love you more. I’ve downloaded a Bill Bryson non-fiction book, the Divergent series, a book and another series of books by Vonda McIntyre, and I totally got sidetracked by ”Leviathan Wakes”, a fun science fiction space opera (and I’m more than halfway through the next book in the series, “Caliban’s War”). I’m looking forward to the SyFy channel’s series based on those books (and since I know Chad Coleman – The Wire, Walking Dead – is in them and what character he plays, I can totally see him in my head when I’m reading).

2. Having the TV work. Last Friday our Satellite Dish got taken out by an afternoon storm, and through a Series of Events, they couldn’t come and fix it until Wednesday. Since most of what I can do right now is read and watch TV, I’ve done more reading this week than anything else. I’m anxious to do some more painting, though, and I like to have the TV on in the background for noise when I do that, so, I’m glad it’s fixed again.

3. Speaking of TV, Dark Matter and Killjoys. Those are new series on the SyFy Channel, and while I will never forgive them for either their name or their cancellation of Farscape, they’re starting to make it up to me. If you like Farscape, Firefly, and space opera in general, you might like these new series. They’re not Shakespeare, but they’re not bad!

4. Physical Therapy. Every day I’m a little bit better than the day before, and every week my x-rays look better than the week before. I forgot to ask him for a print-out Thursday, but with this last x-ray, you could barely even see the biggest break. Everything is healing up fine. And the people at the physical therapy office are all wonderful – they’re funny, and smart, and all of them very good with different types of people (so important in any kind of service industry). Even though it hurts, because now they can start me on movement, I like going every time. And the pain is just something to breathe through, as my eyes are on the prize of full recovery. Still, the staff at the Orthopedic Center are all wonderful.

5. Being creative. I’ve been cleared to knit, and I found out I can also make stitch markers (which I’ve been sitting on the supplies for a while). The pliers are also great physical therapy, with the squeezing and releasing! But mostly I’m glad to be knitting again. The month of June was the longest I’ve spent not knitting since I started knitting… what… twelve years ago now? Even at my tiredest, during the move, I managed at least a row or two a day. I’m glad to be back to it (and also plan to set up my spinning wheel soon, too).

6. Bonus! I’m enjoying my friends! Tuesday night we went to see Heather belly-dance, got to chat with Ryan a bit, and met up with not just Jenn and Stu but also Chris and Sharon. It made me feel like a human, going out somewhere with good people for good times, for the first time in June! Also, earlier this week, Rhea came out and brought Middle K and Little K, and they had some studio time. I love watching kids do ceramics, it reminds me of how I got consumed with it at an even earlier age. I hope they never lose that enthusiasm for having fun and making art.

So, that’s me. What are you enjoying this week?

Five of my Pinterest boards that I’m enjoying

Is anybody still on Pinterest? I had to change my account to business, for reasons, so if you’re on Pinterest and you were following me as HaldeChick and have noticed that I don’t pin much any more, that’s because for the last 6 months or so I’ve been primarily pinning as HaldeCraft. I still have the old account open, mostly for messages, but I only access it on my phone so as to cut down the logging out/logging back in.


1. My “Ceramic Admiration” board. These are finished ceramic pieces not made by me (well, OK, sometimes I drop one or two of mine in there, just because) and they’re ones I find inspiring, magical, fun, or jealousy-inspiring. I treat this board like I would a museum, and use it for daydreaming and inspiration. I go back to it often just to marvel at the talented potters and ceramicists and sculptors out there.

Follow HaldeCraft’s board Ceramic admiration on Pinterest.

2. My “For the Bathroom” board. There are entirely too many claw-footed tubs out there and I WANT THEM ALL. Also, lacy curtains. And rustic wooden floors.

Follow HaldeCraft’s board For the bathroom on Pinterest.

3. My “For the Garden” board. This covers both vegetable garden and flower garden (although I suppose I have enough pins that I could break them into two boards, but, whatevs. Greenhouses. Bees. Flowes. Fruits. Vegetables. Fairy doors. Birdhouses.

Follow HaldeCraft’s board For the garden (and yard) on Pinterest.

4. My “For the new Porch (and Future Parties”) board. Because not only are we doing the deck that Tim put in already (we do want to stain it, still) but he’s going to make a front porch (screened in) for my studio, and a combo screened-in porch/open deck for the front of the house. So, pictures of rustic and pretty screened-in porches, stuff on outdoor kitchens, etc.

Follow HaldeCraft’s board For the new porch (and future parties) on Pinterest.

5. My “For the New Studio” board. Tips, tricks, and inspirational photos of other people’s studios… (OK, sometimes I plop in one of my own, just because).

Follow HaldeCraft’s board For the new studio on Pinterest.

And, as a weird bonus… 6. One of the reasons I had to switch to a business account is for rich pins. Shopify and Pinterest are partnering and if you’re not trying to sell stuff on Pinterest then your eyes just glazed over. They’re also partnering to make Shopify stores some of the first ones that you can now shop from, directly from Pinterest. That’s right, soon you won’t even have to click the picture to get to my site, you can just buy things directly off Pinterest and it’ll show up in my Shopify back end as if you’d bought it there. That’s not going to start happening until – I think – July, but meanwhile, even though I already have a few boards for some of my favorite things I make, Pinterest just sucked in my entire stock into One Giant Board.

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Spending the weekend for Gay & Joe’s anniversary? Consider hiking the La Chua Trail!


One place that Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe love to go, and would love to show to anyone making a weekend out of the anniversary party, is to the La Chua Trail. The trail, about 3 miles long, goes to almost the center of Paynes Prairie, passing the Alachua Sink on the way. It’s called a sink because it is essentially that – in times of drought, the water can get very low (and the alligators more abundant around it as they try to stay cool in what water there is) and in times of heavy rain it can “back up” and almost flood the prairie. There is a handicapped/wheelchair accessible part of the walk, to the sink (some concrete, some boardwalk); after the sink it is a dirt and grass path and not wheelchair friendly. The hike is three miles out to an observation tower (so, three miles back) but you can stop and turn around at any point – many people don’t go beyond the sink, which is about the halfway mark.

The address of the park is 4801 Camp Ranch Rd, Gainesville, FL 32641 (this is about a 15-minute drive south/south-east from the party location). The trail opens at 8 AM and closes one hour before sunset, and the cost to get into the trail is $2 per person. Due to the large number of wild, free-roaming alligators, pets are not allowed.

There’s a great description of the hike here that you can read, if you’re on the fence about joining us. The time is not yet set in stone but this will tentatively be Friday morning, starting as early as we can get there as the second half of the walk is in the direct sun. And below, I’ll leave you with a few photos I’ve taken the times I’ve been out there. This is definitely an opportunity for photographing the real Florida!

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Five things I’ve learned about myself since breaking my hand

My view for the next three weeks.  The surgeon could only put in one screw - when he looked at the x-rays, he saw it was a spiral fracture. When he got in there in the surgery, he saw that parts he thought were whole, had been shattered. They were very clSo, surgery is over (and my big fear was being given something I’m allergic to while under, and not being able to speak up for my allergies – so big thanks to the anesthesiologist who knew that what they were going to give me to relax me before putting me under contained lecithin, from eggs, and he got me something else instead) and the ten or so days of heavy pain meds are over (I think I slept more that week than I did then entire month of May) and the doctor is so thrilled with how my bones are healing that next week he’ll discuss when I can get my cast off.

So, things are looking up! But I did have a lot of time (too much time) for introspection and you know what that means… Navel Gazing! Here are five things that have come to my attention in the last almost-three weeks.

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so, this sucks.

i’m going to apologize first for lack of capital letters in this post. it’s hard to reach the shift key. well, all the keys, really, on the left side. i just wrote a blog post for work with good punctuation and my hand is getting tired.

"I'm sorry about your hand, mama." #dogsofinstagram #fracture

i go in for hand surgery monday morning. ungodly o’clock, but i didn’t want to spend the day worrying about it, and also wanted to get the surgical team before they were all tired from their day.

i’ve never had this kind of surgery before. i had a quarter removed from my throat where it got stuck when i tried to swallow it when i was nine. i’ve had teeth pulled – wisdom teeth, and a root canal.

i’m scared to get it done. what if something goes wrong? what if i have a weird allergic reaction to something? what if this doesn’t fix my finger? what if even with the surgery i lose mobility?

i’m scared not to get it done. then i really would lose mobility.

i keep thinking how much worse it could have been. an outside fracture. losing the whole finger. larger damage to the hand as a whole.

i have this thing sometimes, a compression in my back that makes the last two fingers in my hand tingle, go to sleep, when i sit or lay in a position that puts pressure on a certain point in my back. that’s what it feels like sometimes in this splint; like they’ve gone to sleep. i keep trying to move them in the splint to make sure i haven’t totally lost feeling… then i usually wind up in pain because i move the ring finger and it hurts.

i worry that this will happen again. i worry about the dogs fighting so much. i wonder if we should put corwin on doggy valium.

i’m worried about haldecraft. i was just starting to get to the point i could replace sold-out things, and was looking forward to making new things. now i don’t know when i’ll be able to make anything. weeks? months? should i bow out of the fiber-in, in september? should i not have an aug-nov yarn club? I was days away from painting my office studio so that tim could put the flooring in! i have two new soaps i haven’t listed because it’s too frustrating to type a description, and i have about 12 fragrances restocked that i haven’t mentioned for the same reason.

i’m worried about moving. we still haven’t finished moving out of the gainesville house. a lot of the stuff still there are heavy molds. now i can’t help move them, i’d need both hands for the heavy things. not to mention renovations. ugh.

i can hardly shower. i can’t do dishes, i have to keep one hand dry. i haven’t tried laundry yet but should get to that this afternoon.

i have a couple of friends coming to help me next week, to get yarn club out. and maybe help me with dishes. and maybe paint my studio office. my friends are amazing.

i’m tired. i’m cranky. i’m hurty. everything that’s ever thought about hurting, hurts now. unless it’s something i can’t reach, and in that case, it itches. i have to keep looking at the splint to check that my ring and pinky finger are straight because sometimes they feel, and i get convinced that they are, curled or even bent in an (even more) unnatural way. i feel like a slug because i can’t work hard. i can’t even knit! blargh.

and i have three family birthdays coming up next week that i know i’m going to miss/forget about because surgery brain.

ugh. this too shall pass, but… i’m starting to think someone has put a curse on me – it’s been nothing but bad luck/hard work/things going wrong for *months* now.

Ragna Cap


Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Windling
Pattern: Ragna Cap by Elsebeth Lavold
Started: 7/2/14
Completed: 7/9/14
Notes: I’d wanted to knit this hat for years, but kept getting sidetracked. I burned through it because it was immense fun, and in a yarn that feels divine. Then I donated it to a charity auction, where it sold for one third of the price of the yarn. I’m never knitting for charity again.

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