Coming to Joe and Gay’s anniversary party? Look for an email from me tomorrow!


Hello, all! Things are falling into place for the weekend – even though I can hardly believe it’s here already, because there were still things I wanted to blog about and didn’t have time to!

The final schedule, for those wishing to make a weekend of it (and barring any weather complications):
– Thursday evening: Group dinner at Chopstix (7 PM)
– Friday morning: Walking the La Chua Trail (9 AM)
– Friday evening: Party! (6 PM)
– Saturday late morning: Brunch at Joe & Gay’s house (11 AM) followed by a trip to either the Florida Museum or to Payne’s Prairie (depending on the weather)
– Saturday evening: Dead dog party/dinner and (if weather permits) stargazing at Tim and Lorena’s house (6 PM)

If you’ve gotten an invitation and RSVP’d, I’ll be sending out an email tomorrow with addresses and phone numbers (rather than publish them here on the web). If you have any questions after that, feel free to email or call me (my cell phone number will be in that email).

If you didn’t get an invitation, or had to RSVP in the negative for the party, but would like to have dinner on Thursday, walk the La Chua Trail on Friday morning, or come out and be social on Saturday night at our property, drop me a line!

Thanks, y’all!

Handspun Hat

Handspun Hat

Yarn: Two of my handspun yarns
Pattern: The Amanda Hat by Gina House
Started on: 1/3/15
Completed: 1/5/15
Notes: (And this, kids, is what we call foreshadowing!) I got a third of the way into it and worried that I didn’t have enough yarn, so I ripped it out and added another yarn/color for the purl rows. Now I have about 25% of the original yarn left over and a whooooooooole lot of the second yarn. But according to my calculations if I hadn’t brought in the second yarn, I would have been about 20 yards short. So, good call… even though now I have to knit a matching/complimentary hat.

Anniversary Party: Did you get an invitation? Did you RSVP?

So, even though I could feel Emily Post spinning in her grave when I hit “send”, all of the invitations were sent out in June, via email. Extensive research on Etsy (for invitations) and Google (for “really?”) told me that email was the new way to go, that nobody is doing physical mail-outs any more, and that all you need to do is include your email and cell phone number and the date by which the RSVP is needed, and there you have it. I looked through fifty pages of invitations on Etsy, and couldn’t find a single one that included RSVP cards that were the traditional “we’ll be there with ___ number in our party” type. So, email it was, then!

However, I still have a little over 60 people I haven’t heard back from, and for a typically-anxious-anyway type of person like myself, well… I’m worried they didn’t get the email. I’m worried 60 more people will show up for the party than we’ve planned for. I’m worried they responded and I didn’t get the email. SO MUCH WORRY. (As an aside, am I any more worried than I would be if I were awaiting cards in the mail, wondering if they’d gotten lost or misdirected or if I’d written an address wrong? Not really. Six of one, right?!) At least, unlike when I was planning my wedding, people aren’t telling me that this should be the happiest day of my life, hahahahahaha! No, we’ll be celebrating Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe and fifty years of happy days, and for that my heart is singing joyously.

I do, however, want to make sure that I am making enough of these, for the guests…

Print. Cut. Soak. Peel. Attach. Squeegee. Repeat 84 times. Dry. Photograph. Notice trimming error on one. Shrug. Decide that one's yours. Fill kiln. Prepare to fire. #ceramics #ceramicdecals

… so if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, please, please drop me a line! I’d hate to make 84 of these and find out that day that I should have made 147.

Thanks, y’all!


Count the hours

4121377087_6cf0db4411_b (1)

I’m cranky and haven’t slept well the last couple of nights, so feel free to not even read this Ranty McRantyPants post.

I have about twenty minutes of physical therapy exercises for my hand that I’m supposed to do six times a day, plus a 13-minute contrast baths for my hand that I’m supposed to do twice a day (I timed it this morning and it takes a little over four minutes to fill the two tubs with water). So that’s … a little over two and a half hours. Per day.

We walk the dog at least six times a day, but Tim usually does the first walk without me (I do the next four or five by myself, then we walk them together on the last one). So let’s say I walk them five times a day, and the walks are 10-15 minutes each. That’s about an hour and a quarter spent walking the dogs.

Since I haven’t had much new products lately, and sales have been down, I’m spending at least two hours a day writing blog posts, making graphics for future blog posts, posting on social media, and answering emails and comments on my posts. This is all so I can keep HaldeCraft in people’s views, keep them seeing my name, so that when I do have restocks and new items, they remember me. Honestly that’s more like three hours a day.

I also spend about an hour a day reworking old listings; changing the copy, writing new things, or even taking new photos.

So far we’re up to… almost eight hours.

Let’s put another hour and a half in there for making, eating, and cleaning up after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is usually at my desk while I’m answering email, lunch is usually pretty quick, but dinners are more leisurely. Well, I don’t know about LEISURELY, but slower than the other two meals.

I like to sleep. I haven’t been sleeping very well lately, but according to my FitBit I’ve averaged about seven hours of sleep a night for the last month (some days more, some days less).

I also like to read. I try to read for about an hour before I go to bed. Sometimes more if the book grabs me, sometimes less if I’m exhausted, but about an hour.

How much time would you say you spend in the bathroom every day? Let’s say about an hour and a quarter, and I’m counting time in the bath or shower as most of that.

Now we’re up to… 18.25 hours.

I also need to work; like I said, sales the last couple months have not been the best. Now that I’m out of the cast, I need to start making things and restocking and getting new things out there, because how shitty am I going to feel if I have to go out and get some kind of office job RIGHT after buying property with an art studio for my business? Pretty darn shitty, I can tell you. It’s hard for me to put an exact time on it because at least twice a day I have to walk from the studio back to the house to do something on the computer (that’ll fade once my office is set up over there) but I’d say over the last two weeks I’ve been trying to average four to five hours of work, at least. Sometimes that’s unpacking and organizing, but sometimes it’s actually making things.

If it’s five hours, that brings us to 23.25 hours a day.

That’s also not counting watching about an hour of TV at night (during which I do some of those PT exercises), any household chores like laundry and cat box cleaning, going to the grocery store or post office or getting gas for the car, and it’s also not counting the two days a week I drive into Gainesville for physical therapy. PT goes for about an hour, and they usually see me pretty much at my start time; that means I like to get there early to be safe, and it’s about a 45 minute drive from our house to the parking lot. If I’m driving into Gainesville I’m also going to try to run Gainesville errands – running out to Butler Plaza or dropping off yarn club or swinging by the old house and picking something up that we haven’t moved yet. So, an hour at PT. 90 minutes for the drive (counting both ways). I usually add at least another hour onto that with errands. So those two days a week, I have to not do 3 1/2 hours worth of something. That something is usually divided between work and my daily physical therapy exercises. I’m down to getting x-rays about once every three weeks now, so that is about an hour less that I have to worry about on PT days (it’s usually 55 minutes of waiting, and five minutes of an x-ray and a “you’re looking great!”) And they just told me at the office that if I have anything else vaguely medical that day (a dentist appointment, a chiropractic appointment) Blue Cross has been known to deny payment to one of those things. I guess they don’t like it when you bundle all your medical into one day? So now I can’t schedule any chiropractic visits on the same day that I have hand therapy, which means that some weeks there are THREE days a week I need about 3 hours to go into Gainesville and get some things done. Or I just don’t go to the chiropractor. Or I don’t go to physical therapy one time that week.

I’m starting to feel like I’m falling behind. I’m not doing PT exercises six times a day. I can’t, there’s just not the time. I’m only doing one contrast bath per day. I’m not getting as much work done as I want, and I have unanswered email and messages, and some of my listings I look at and think “well no wonder nobody’s bought this, the photos are crappy and the copy is dull” and yet I don’t have or make the time to do anything about it. I’m convinced I’m a hack artist and nobody will ever buy my things again (I’m sure this will pass in a few days, almost every single artist/writer I’ve ever met has felt this way at some point).  I’m waking up at 2 AM wondering what I’m going to wear to my interview for an office job (or going over the nightmare scenario of not having a caterer for Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s wedding reception – I’m also convinced that there will be no food there and I’ll have 75 angry, hungry guests).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pre-write a blog post for my work blog for tomorrow, as I have PT in Gainesville in the morning and them am going to do something wild and crazy like meet my husband for lunch (after which I’ll run a bunch of errands, then come home and walk the dogs, not leaving me time to write a Friday Five post for work).

Make it sew

I’m going to need something to wear to my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party. I put on the invitation that it was semi-casual, because I didn’t want anyone to feel they had to wear a suit in the Florida summertime, but as the hostess/MC I feel I should wear something somewhat pretty and photogenic (IE, not my usual paint-splattered blue-jeans/nerd t-shirt combo). I love the 50s/rockabilly style, think it looks good on my body type, and so am on a hunt. I desperately love this one, but can’t find any info on it other than the photo, so am assuming it’s handmade. There’s also this option, and/or this skirt and top combo, and I may go ahead and purchase either one as a backup outfit in case my plan doesn’t work…. because I also bought these:


Yes, both of them contained the words “zipper” and “covered boning” and “buttons” but… how hard can it be? (Famous Last Words.) You just follow the directions, right? And try not to overthink it? And call your sew-savvy friends and cry when you don’t understand something (after, of course, you’ve Googled and You-Tubed the shit out of what you’re trying to understand, first, because that’s the first thing your friends will tell you to do). Besides, if I make it, I can add a pocket – because again, as I’m the hostess and want to be available to the out-of-towners who get lost or stuck in traffic, I’m going to want my phone on me. And we all know girls don’t need pockets, so purchased clothing often doesn’t have any. (Gah.)

So. At the advice of my friend Kim, I’m going to make a muslin mock-up first, rather than jump right in. I have … oh, shit, it’s August already. I have three weeks. I guess if I’m ordering fabric online I should hurry.


Wild Kaiso


Yarn: three different ones
Pattern: Kaiso by Judy Sumner
Started on: 5/1/14
Completed: 12/20/14
Notes: done with three yarns; I think I actually finished these in November, but then it took me another month to weave in all the ends. I will never do that again — I don’t know WHAT I was thinking!

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