I think I have a plan(ner)

Most of you probably know how much I love a planner. A system. A tool for to-do lists and things to remember and generally an off-site back-up brain storage unit. And I’ve tried everything from scraps of paper to small spiral note pads in my purse to the Franklin system to online apps like Wunderlist and Toodledoo.

Different ways have worked for me at different points in my life. I started using… oh, I think it was At-a-Glance brand, when I was in college and was working at the same time. I kept that up until I was managing a big bookstore, and a co-worker showed me her Franklin planner, and I loved that and fell into its bindery planning system for a few years. That turned out to be what they also used at the Enginerding company so I kept using it. When we opened the yarn store I needed something that was both bigger and smaller than that and a friend recommended Planner Pads. I wish that layout still worked for me because I liked that system. But at that point I also started to need something that was in all my places every time I was there, and a physical planner wasn’t cutting it — it’s not like I wanted to carry it with me when I went out to dinner, but invariably at dinner someone would ask me about placing an order, and there’s no way after three mojitos I was going to remember that. So I started looking for online things because then I’d have it on my laptop for home and work, and could reach it on my phone if I wasn’t in either of those two places… and went through five or six of them before settling on Toodledo as my primary go-to planner/listmaker.

But do you know what I miss? ACTUALLY SEEING THINGS IN FRONT OF ME. Technology is great, but an online to-do list isn’t going to do get you to do shit if you don’t click that bookmark button and look at it. Oh, hey; it turns out I already wrote about most of this late last year: Get Shit Done. And do you know what’s been working out fantastic for me? THAT SYSTEM. A spiral notebook, a calender, and an online thing I can access wherever I am so I can take notes about what people want to order. But as I’ve been reading about The Bullet Journal, and spending far too much time on Pinterest looking to see how people use planner systems, I’ve made some changes to what my pages look like.

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I feel so sociable!

Did I tell you I took off from work not one but TWO weekends? I KNOW. Who am I?! OK, so one of those weekends was the Florida Fiber-In, and it was work related, BUT STILL.

We be open! #floridafiberin #craftshowRhea and I went to the Florida Fiber-In, which of course was a ton of fun. And so! much! busier! than last year! We were on our toes the whole time, which didn’t leave a whole lot of room for being social, which makes me glad that our table is over by the spinning circle because it means that when we did get a minute to sit down, people were right there and ready to chat. In spite of the dead car battery at the end of the weekend, we had a really good time (and didn’t have nearly the nightmare experience with the hotel that some of our friends did).

Saturday morning Science Fiction convention nerd-out. #necronomicon #necronomicon2014 #magicthegatheringTwo weeks after that we went to NecronomiCon, where we hung out with friends we hadn’t seen in more years than I care to say out loud, and I made a right idiot out of myself in front of someone whose blog I’ve been reading for years — OK, maybe I didn’t COMPLETELY embarrass myself, I think I used at least one word more than two syllables long, but I did have a bit of a fan-girl moment in front of him and his lovely fiance (who looks SO familiar to me, and she says she’s been going to Necro since the 90s, so maybe I’ve seen her there before). FUNNY STORY: I noticed her before I noticed him, and it was while we were all checking into the con. The whole time I’m telling the check-in guy my last name and getting my tag, and he’s going on and on about how I’m science fiction royalty (as he knows my father‘s and my uncle‘s books) I’m trying to listen in to see if they really were the couple I thought they were. Fame is relative. Which is going to make this next sentence fucking hilarious: we’re going to Necro for sure again next year because Uncle Joe is the Guest of Honor. I say again: fame is relative.

I also say again: It was so wonderful to see CarolAndEric after so many years of not going to Necro. Us, not them; they go every year. It felt completely natural to look up across the table and see them, as if we had just seen them last week.

2014-10-05 13.26.46

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Sometimes being the boss is hard

Now is the time on Sprockets where we talk about three decisions I need to make for my business, but I don’t know which road to take for any of them; or, rather, I probably do, but need to process by writing. Internal HaldeCraft neep ahead. Really long. Skip this, or pour your favorite beverage and stick your feet up. I’m not kidding. It’s a long one. Never mind; I broke it up into three parts, it was getting JUST THAT LONG.

Scenes from a work day: objects in motion #yarn #handdyedyarn

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Out to lunch

The hardest part about not having a physical shop any more is meeting up with local customers for delivery. Yep. This is pretty rough. #Craftlife #Selfemployed

Between computer highs and lows and waiting for house loan stuff to sort itself out and work, I feel like I got nuthin’. I mean, surely something is in here, in my head, that needs to be written, but … I think of a million things to blog about when I’m doing other things, and then I sit down to blog and it’s just … crickets.

Things to blog about:
What have I been doing, socially?
What have I been doing, work-wise?
What have I been doing about the house/move?
How’s my computer?
How’s that health and fitness thing, then?
Seen any good TV lately?
How’s that new day-planner working out?
What’s this about joining a creative business group?
Didn’t I have a birthday?
Why is it so hard to find a doctor who fucking LISTENS?
Knitting? Spinning? Weaving?
I feel another blog redesign/cleanup coming up; so many dangling categories that could be cleaned!

Yes. Those are all topics that will show up. And probably a few other thousand things I’ve forgotten. Or, nothing! It could be anything around here!

Everything old is new aga– no, wait, it’s still old.

File this under “things you shouldn’t see on a computer you bought five months ago”:

2014-09-30 07.13.43

I think that was… last Tuesday or Wednesday. Now, I backup everything to an external hard drive once a week, but on some Facebook recommendations I went ahead and signed up for Carbonite and left my computer running (and Carbonite back-upping) until we left for the convention on Friday. Sunday night when we got home, I got the same message when I turned my computer on. Restarting it booted it up correctly (just like it had the previous week), but it is clearly going to go at any second… and I was worried mostly only because of two things I needed the hard drive for — Quarterly sales tax, and yarn club.

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Tell me what you want, what you really really want

In case you haven’t picked up on this, Tim and I have been talking about moving the HaldeCon Household. We started earlier this year with an unexpected turn; we decided to start verbalizing what we wanted, and within a month or two of that, some friends whom we love dearly got a new job out-of-state and decided to sell their property, which is perfect for us. Like hawks, we’ve been circling around while they got renovations done on their new house… and those renovations are almost complete. After months of worrying about what the price might be, on this perfect-for-us piece of land that comes with the love our friends put into it and memories of good times spent with them in their beautiful house… we have a price and we are going to start preening our peacock feathers in front of banks, hoping they will throw bags of money at us (OK; so we’ve also spent the last five months paying things off and making ourselves look good, financially, so we are pretty positive that it’s just going to be a waiting game/approval process).

What do we want in a piece of land? Well… first, let me tell you want we DON’T want. Because in the last five months of waiting, we’ve also looked online at a lot of other, similar properties that frankly just don’t look as good. This is going to sound like That Poor Man is just along for the ride, but having lived out in the boondocks before, I have a list of things I *don’t* want. In fact, what we’re looking for in a place could more be defined by what we’re NOT looking for rather than what we ARE. I have a long list of “never agains” thanks to living on 40 acres in the middle of nowhere for a number of years. Oddly, the same living situation has given me a small list of “must haves”. But the “must not haves” are longer.

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The Florida Fiber-In 2014

OK; ya’ll get the unedited version; I’m going to post a slightly cleaner (no f-bomb) version on my work blog tomorrow.

I was so busy the whole weekend I didn’t have a lot of time to whip out my camera; I think this is the least number of photos I’ve ever taken at Fiber-In.

Thursday night our living room looked like this:

Thursday night

Yes, we are watching Buffy; I’ve never seen the whole thing (more like one episode per season).

And when I went to pick up Rhea, after we got her bags in the car, the Rav looked like this:

Not one more thing can fit

That’s Yorkie, a stuffed dog I got when I was 16, and he’s gone everywhere with me since then.

I should have paid closer attention when That Poor Man was putting it all in there, but I was busy trying to wind up the last of the handspun yarn that I’d set to dry overnight. This “not watching him pack” thing will come back to bite me at the end of the weekend. But I like jigsaw puzzles… how hard could it be to get it all in there, right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH foreshadowing.

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The last week has looked like this….

Three more mugs making the Fiber-In cut - fresh out of the kiln. Nothing like cutting it close! #ceramics #mugs Starting some stitch markers to finish up at Fiber-In #stitchmarkers #polymerclay
Signs, signs, everywhere are signs! Minerva; a 50/50 Merino/Tencel roving, debuting at Fiber-In and coming to the shop soon after. #handdyedroving
Gosh, I can't imagine why I feel so disorganized and scattered today. #workspace #office #chaos Neith; a 50/50 Merino/Silk pencil roving, debuting at Fiber-In and coming to the shop soon after.
Working on #buttons for Fiber-In. Hoping people don't mind if I sell them singly; I'm not going to have the time I thought I would to make button backing boards. #polymerclay Today I am stamping ALL THE THINGS. #logo
I'm really not good at this #breakfast thing (egg allergies really cut out a lot of typical "breakfast" foods). Here's what's fueling me this morning. #apples #cheese #coffee Dry faster! Dry faster! #handdyedroving #pencilroving #bluefacedleicester

And you know what that means… tomorrow morning I leave for the Florida Fiber-In! Fiber… Oh! Shit! I never did post about that over here; I did on my work blog, though, and you can read about the 11th Florida Fiber-In here. Oops. Sorry about that, I could have sworn I cross-posted that one! Sigh. See y’all next week, when I’ll catch up and answer emails and all that good stuff.

I’ll be posting about the Fiber-In as it happens on the Facebook and the Instagram if you want to follow along this weekend!

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