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If you follow me on Facebook, you might have already seen (or contributed to) the discussion of buffer vs. Hootsuite.

Are you self-employed? If so, keep reading. If not, I’ll post about something else in the next few days, please come back then! Seriously, if this sort of thing doesn’t interest you, you are going to (a) get bored and then (b) offer me the advice that this is all too confusing and I’m doing too much and trust me, I don’t want that advice because that’s not what this post is about.

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Tuesdays unplugged

Back in the stone age, before Facebook, when blogs used to be a thing (remember those days?) I used to read the blog of a woman who started doing something she called “Tuesdays unplugged”. One day a week she would unplug from online life and just… be. While she was at work, she’d be online if it was work-related (funny how co-workers in an office flip out if you just … don’t answer emails one day). But after work? She’d go to concerts, or go camping with friends, or just stay in and watch TV with her significant other. Lately that’s an idea that’s been appealing to me more and more. Well. “Lately”. A couple-three years now. Y’all know how long I have to think about things before I commit. Think? Over think. Whatevs.

Pros to unplugging one day a week
– no pressure to answer email or messages
– no pressure to keep on top of social media
– maybe taking the day to do nothing but work in the studio (or take the day off! Who would know?!)
– not sitting in one place, insert scare article on how SITTING KILLS YOU AHHHHHHH!!!

Cons to unplugging one day a week
– oh, gawd, the pressure, what day do I choose? What day are people less likely to need to contact HaldeCraft?*
– not being able to answer customers immediately, if they’re expecting an immediate response
– wait, no online anything? No Instagram? Not even to upload a photo, even if I don’t comment on anyone else’s?
– is TV considered unplugging? That’s when I get my best (only) knitting done!

For a long time I’ve tried to temper this want of being unplugged thing with the thought of, well, I do spend hours in the studio and tend to ignore most notifications on my phone unless it’s a friend calling for help with a flat tire or something. So I am sort of unplugged a few hours a day. But then, it’s never the SAME few hours. It’s never like… posted anti-hours, where you can’t contact the teacher between 10 AM and 2 PM, or something. So maybe I need to carve out a whole day, and even if I’m not taking that day off from work, I am taking that day off from online life. But it would have to be both sides of my online life, work and personal, because nine times out of ten, if I’m online as myself, there’s at least one person who will ask me a HaldeCraft question, and it’s rude (and somewhat foot-shooty of me) to say “sorry, I’m online as me only, I’ll answer your question about the $200 custom order you want to place tomorrow”. You can argue that someone who really wants to place that special order will understand and wait to contact me via “work hours” but trust me, I’m speaking from experience here, that’s going to lose me the sale.

So then… what do I do…? I’m still not sure. Sometimes I want to be online, but anonymously; seeing what new photos the people I’m following have put on Instagram, or reading email and crafting a response in my head before I actually answer. And with things like Buffer (when I can get it to work, which is a long story in an of itself) I can pre-post days worth of things, so that it LOOKS like I’m online and posting things even when I’m not. It would be easy for me to slip off for a day and maybe nobody would notice. Maybe. Until I get that one email that’s a fire needing to be put out (the joys and perils of working alone/being your own boss).

* This is one thing Sharon and I talked about a LOT before opening the yarn store. What days of the week, and what times of day, would be the most beneficial to be open? We knew we wanted to be open later in the evening, for the after-work crowd, but didn’t necessarily need to be open first thing in the morning, so the hours of 10-7 were decided on pretty easily. We knew we wanted to be open on the weekends (again, to be open for the crowd who couldn’t get there M-F) and that meant Mondays and Fridays as well, to account for any early or late weekenders, and/or holidays. That left being closed Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Thursday seemed like too much of a lead-in for the weekend. That left Tuesday and Wednesday. We wanted to be open six days a week (although in retrospect, after four years of working six nine or ten hour days a week, we both really wished we’d opted for being closed two days a week) and I forget why we went with Tuesday, but we did. And can I just tell you that at least once a week, we got someone put out that we were closed on Tuesday? We got it so often that even now, five years later, “Who’d be closed on a TUESDAY” is still a running joke with us. Once time, a customer even *called Sharon at home* to ask if she could be let into the store to make a purchase. This is probably why I’m so sure that even if I was online as myself, but taking a day off as HaldeCraft, there are people who wouldn’t tell/care about the difference.

So, now what?

So, now that the anniversary party is over, and I’m almost out of pre-blogged knitting projects (three more on the list, although I have finished one or two more things since I pre-blogged all of these back in, oh, March)… what should I blog about? I have both ALL THE IDEAS and no ideas whatsoever. Most of my ideas revolve around the property, which has still been a comedy of errors, you know, depending on what you consider comedy… I could blog about my TMJ (jaw pain! all the time! much suckage!)… I could blog about the studio (finally a working bathroom! every time I use it I want to text Amy and thank her for installing my toilet!)… I could blog about the lively wildlife around here (angry crows! curious deer! scaredy frogs!)… I could blog about my broken finger (almost healed! graduated PT! only scar tissue to work down with massage!)… I could blog about how Fiber-in is in about two weeks and all the things I have in the works for it (new yarn bowls! new stitch markers! me and Rhea, having a girls weekend away!)… uh, actually, that sounds like everything right there in a nutshell, so why should someone want to read a longer post about all those things? Dangit! I outsmarted myself!

Seriously, though. Last week after the party, which was also my first week after having graduated from physical therapy, I threw myself into some work because I could; I had the time, I had the physical ability. So I did. I also slept a lot (and want more sleep, honestly). Now I’m ready to get back to being social, as well.

The Anniversary Party (debriefing)


Whew! Thanks, y’all, for coming to our little celebration for Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, and making them feel so loved. Their fifty years (50! 50 YEARS!) of marriage hasn’t just been about them, but also about all the lives they’ve touched through the years. It was so lovely to see so many people gathered from far-flung places (Alaska! Ohio! New Hampshire! DC! The other side of Gainesville!) and to hear so much laughter all weekend long, and to hear so many wonderful stories.

I still haven’t gotten the photos up on Flickr for regular sharing, but I have everything up on Facebook. The party itself, on Friday, I made that album public – so even if you don’t have a Facebook account, or if you do but we’re not Facebook friends, you can see those photos here.

I have to admit I was a little stressball most of the weekend – I so wanted this to be a wonderful weekend for Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, and there were so many last-minute things that kept changing I was afraid the whole thing was going to just fall apart like a house of sticks – and at one point I snapped at Tim’s sister (for which I apologized) but then about two days later I think I remembered snapping at his mother, too, for which I shall burn in Hell for she’s just the sweetest lady ever… so, Linda, if I snapped at you when we were first trying to get everything into the right elevator, I’m so sorry!!!! If I snapped at anyone else, though, it was probably on purpose. HAHAHAHAHA, kidding. … … Maybe. …. No, but seriously. Also, mad, mad, mad props to my lovely friend of holy-shit-not-really-almost-30-years-because-aren’t-we-both-like-twelve, Quinn, who stayed with us over the weekend and totally held me together with love and duct tape (and safety pins) all weekend long. Out of all my heart’s sisters, my lovely Quinnling, you’re the one I’ve had the longest, and I could not have sailed through the weekend without you. If you need something done, I’m telling you, Quinn is the one to do it! If you put her and Jag and Jenn together, you would have an unstoppable force of nature.

From the first lunch on Thursday, to the Butterfly Rainforest, to dinner at Chopstix, to the La Chua Trail the next morning (Jane, I’m so sorry I tried to kill us both with heat stroke!), to the party Friday night, to brunch Saturday morning, to the dinner party out here Saturday night, and a quiet breakfast that turned into lunch on Sunday… thank you, thank you all for participating.

But mostly, thank you, all of you, for coming, or for saying lovely things even if you couldn’t come; you really made the weekend amazing for Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, and for that, you have my unending appreciation.

And if you’d like to watch the slideshow (yes, I know, it’s a video, but I’m still calling it a slideshow) that I put together of their lives, it’s about 12 minutes long (so put your feet up… and grab some Kleenex).

Coming to Joe and Gay’s anniversary party? Look for an email from me tomorrow!


Hello, all! Things are falling into place for the weekend – even though I can hardly believe it’s here already, because there were still things I wanted to blog about and didn’t have time to!

The final schedule, for those wishing to make a weekend of it (and barring any weather complications):
– Thursday evening: Group dinner at Chopstix (7 PM)
– Friday morning: Walking the La Chua Trail (9 AM)
– Friday evening: Party! (6 PM)
– Saturday late morning: Brunch at Joe & Gay’s house (11 AM) followed by a trip to either the Florida Museum or to Payne’s Prairie (depending on the weather)
– Saturday evening: Dead dog party/dinner and (if weather permits) stargazing at Tim and Lorena’s house (6 PM)

If you’ve gotten an invitation and RSVP’d, I’ll be sending out an email tomorrow with addresses and phone numbers (rather than publish them here on the web). If you have any questions after that, feel free to email or call me (my cell phone number will be in that email).

If you didn’t get an invitation, or had to RSVP in the negative for the party, but would like to have dinner on Thursday, walk the La Chua Trail on Friday morning, or come out and be social on Saturday night at our property, drop me a line!

Thanks, y’all!

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