Out to lunch

The hardest part about not having a physical shop any more is meeting up with local customers for delivery. Yep. This is pretty rough. #Craftlife #Selfemployed

Between computer highs and lows and waiting for house loan stuff to sort itself out and work, I feel like I got nuthin’. I mean, surely something is in here, in my head, that needs to be written, but … I think of a million things to blog about when I’m doing other things, and then I sit down to blog and it’s just … crickets.

Things to blog about:
What have I been doing, socially?
What have I been doing, work-wise?
What have I been doing about the house/move?
How’s my computer?
How’s that health and fitness thing, then?
Seen any good TV lately?
How’s that new day-planner working out?
What’s this about joining a creative business group?
Didn’t I have a birthday?
Why is it so hard to find a doctor who fucking LISTENS?
Knitting? Spinning? Weaving?
I feel another blog redesign/cleanup coming up; so many dangling categories that could be cleaned!

Yes. Those are all topics that will show up. And probably a few other thousand things I’ve forgotten. Or, nothing! It could be anything around here!

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