Make it sew

I’m going to need something to wear to my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party. I put on the invitation that it was semi-casual, because I didn’t want anyone to feel they had to wear a suit in the Florida summertime, but as the hostess/MC I feel I should wear something somewhat pretty and photogenic (IE, not my usual paint-splattered blue-jeans/nerd t-shirt combo). I love the 50s/rockabilly style, think it looks good on my body type, and so am on a hunt. I desperately love this one, but can’t find any info on it other than the photo, so am assuming it’s handmade. There’s also this option, and/or this skirt and top combo, and I may go ahead and purchase either one as a backup outfit in case my plan doesn’t work…. because I also bought these:


Yes, both of them contained the words “zipper” and “covered boning” and “buttons” but… how hard can it be? (Famous Last Words.) You just follow the directions, right? And try not to overthink it? And call your sew-savvy friends and cry when you don’t understand something (after, of course, you’ve Googled and You-Tubed the shit out of what you’re trying to understand, first, because that’s the first thing your friends will tell you to do). Besides, if I make it, I can add a pocket – because again, as I’m the hostess and want to be available to the out-of-towners who get lost or stuck in traffic, I’m going to want my phone on me. And we all know girls don’t need pockets, so purchased clothing often doesn’t have any. (Gah.)

So. At the advice of my friend Kim, I’m going to make a muslin mock-up first, rather than jump right in. I have … oh, shit, it’s August already. I have three weeks. I guess if I’m ordering fabric online I should hurry.


Three! Three new pairs of jammy pants! Count them! Ah! Hah! Hah! HAH!

S is for Sunday. And sewing. And Sepia.For those playing along at home, I’ve made three new pairs of Pajama bottoms since the start of the year. I was hoping for five, one per week, but three is better than zero. And it makes a little more sense, too; I mean, I can only wear so many a day, right? And I told myself that for every pair I make, I have to get rid of a pair that I’m wearing out (remember a couple years ago when I was complaining about not being able to find any plaid pajama bottoms, and found like about seven pairs?).

My rough idea is to make a few knitting project bags (sock sized, or small project sized) out of old blue-jeans legs, and lining them on the inside with plaid pajama bottom material. Thanks to Pinterst, I have found a small round project bag tutorial so you can get a rough idea of what I’m thinking of; my friend Laura has loaned me a bag book, and Quinn has bought me a couple bag books off my wish list, and there are enough projects in there that I could use my basic idea but not necessarily have all the bags look the same.

I might also make a couple different Nook covers, like the one I made earlier, and try to make them look a little more “finished.”

Pantalones de Los Muertos


Pantalones de Los Muertos

OK, technically I’m not bringing them to you, because they are mine and I am keeping them. But Tim got me a lot of cloth for Christmas that I want to make new jammy pants from, and I figured I should start by making some out of cloth I bought back in October. I am so proud of myself, I cut them out the right way and everything — the skeletons are all right-side-up on all four panels of the pants and EVERYTHING! Of course, I couldn’t find the directions so I may have had quite some quality time with my seam-ripper after accidentally sewing the legs into a skirt rather than pants legs, more than once. STOP LAUGHING. I got it right. Eventually. And I made the space for the elastic wider than I needed to, so they ride pretty low on the hips. But I love them! LOVE! THEM!!