Three! Three new pairs of jammy pants! Count them! Ah! Hah! Hah! HAH!

S is for Sunday. And sewing. And Sepia.For those playing along at home, I’ve made three new pairs of Pajama bottoms since the start of the year. I was hoping for five, one per week, but three is better than zero. And it makes a little more sense, too; I mean, I can only wear so many a day, right? And I told myself that for every pair I make, I have to get rid of a pair that I’m wearing out (remember a couple years ago when I was complaining about not being able to find any plaid pajama bottoms, and found like about seven pairs?).

My rough idea is to make a few knitting project bags (sock sized, or small project sized) out of old blue-jeans legs, and lining them on the inside with plaid pajama bottom material. Thanks to Pinterst, I have found a small round project bag tutorial so you can get a rough idea of what I’m thinking of; my friend Laura has loaned me a bag book, and Quinn has bought me a couple bag books off my wish list, and there are enough projects in there that I could use my basic idea but not necessarily have all the bags look the same.

I might also make a couple different Nook covers, like the one I made earlier, and try to make them look a little more “finished.”

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