Pantalones de Los Muertos


Pantalones de Los Muertos

OK, technically I’m not bringing them to you, because they are mine and I am keeping them. But Tim got me a lot of cloth for Christmas that I want to make new jammy pants from, and I figured I should start by making some out of cloth I bought back in October. I am so proud of myself, I cut them out the right way and everything — the skeletons are all right-side-up on all four panels of the pants and EVERYTHING! Of course, I couldn’t find the directions so I may have had quite some quality time with my seam-ripper after accidentally sewing the legs into a skirt rather than pants legs, more than once. STOP LAUGHING. I got it right. Eventually. And I made the space for the elastic wider than I needed to, so they ride pretty low on the hips. But I love them! LOVE! THEM!!

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