Pajama bottoms!

Cat is not impressed by your handmade jammy pants.Ta-da!

In spite of Tim’s Cat being rather unimpressed, these are the most awesome pajama bottoms ever and I am sad to take them off and put on pants as I start my day.

I love the cloth – for some reason it makes me think about living in the school bus, even though they’re nothing like the curtains we had then.

Are you afraid of sewing, afraid of sewing wrong, or just think you need a refresher? Then you need to run, do not walk, to Sew Make Do and take yourself a class! Seriously — if I can make pants this awesome, you can too!

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  1. Good job. Why take them off? They ARE pants. If you didn’t call them pajamas, nobody would know. Besides, I see people wearing pajama pants in public. It seems to be a fashion. Maybe they get away with it as we are sort of an artsy community. G’vl wouldn’t be much different with all the students.

  2. I think they make you think of the school bus because Alice had a dress she made in a similar pattern. Congrats on the new skills! Love, Aunt Gay

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