Hold my beer while I craft this

Work in progressYesterday, in the Maker equivalent of “hold my beer while I try this” I had the idea that an old pair of jeans and a scarf I wove would make a good Nook cover. Bonus points of using the pocket to also hold my cell phone (when I’m not taking pictures with it).

OK, so truthfully I didn’t have the idea yesterday, I only executed it, mostly. I had the idea about four or five months ago, but just finally got around to working up the courage (and the sewing machine was uncovered due to me making a fabulous new pair of chemistry-cloth pajama bottoms). It still needs a closure.

I took a beat-up pair of jeans and cut off a section that I eyeballed as being big enough to seam and still cover the Nook. Then I took a scarf I had woven with this project in mind, and cut that as well. Seamed, trimmed, turned inside out, and… voila! Nobody told me it would be hard (and it wasn’t) and I didn’t have a pattern because why would I need a pattern for cutting something out, folding it in half, and seaming it?

Progress photos after the cut.

Nook cover: stage one

Old pair of jeans; scarf I wove, things I want to put in something I make out of those two pieces of cloth.

Nook cover: stage two

Sewn, but still inside-out, so I can show off the scarf. In retrospect I think I need to clean my camera lens. Also I may have a thing for green plaid.

Nook cover: stage three

Ta-da! The Nook fits in the big pocket, my phone fits in the jeans pocket, and there’s a small flap that folds over. I still need to secure that flap, but have been told that a button will break the screen of my Nook. I don’t want Velcro, because the point of making this was so that I could shove those things in my knitting bag without worrying about them getting scuffed up, and Velcro sticks to knitting in a highly annoying fashion. Tim suggested an elastic cord that I sew somewhere near the edge of the flap and that can wrap around the piece as a whole, so I might do that. All I have is white elastic, though, so I may need to trek out to the fabric store soon.


  1. Oh, FABULOUS! You go girl!
    Also, thank you for reminding me that I need to order a cupholder for my spinning wheel before I leave for Spin In so that no one has to hold my beer for me. 🙂

  2. You could try 1. Turn it back inside out, 2. remove an inch or so of stitching on each side sort of near enough to the top so that when you do step 3 the flap will tuck under the thing I’m trying to describe 3. Stitch in a piece of cloth about an inch wide and as long plus about a half inch so that when you turn it back right side out the strip of cloth holds the flap when you tuck it in… or something – your mother is proud of your sewing creativity and confidence and new skills.

  3. Looks great! You could always repurpose part of a ponytail holder or elastic headband for the closure. These are always a good source of colorful elastic for sewing projects.

  4. That is so cool! I wish I had better sewing skills as my kindle fire could really use a case and I have a large selection of jeans that no longer fit me due to this little thing called having a kid. Hmmm. Wonder if I could bribe a sewing friend into doing it for me? Haha.

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