I’m sure I can remember how to do this…

So. < — HAH! Get it? See what I did there? So? Sew? HAHAH!

It’s time to brush off my recessive sewing gene and see what I can do. I have goals — I’d like to make a few new skirts, learn how to make flannel PJ bottoms, and make small knitting project bags as swag for my sock club. BUT I’m going to start small (even though pictured below are both skirt and top materials) and I’m going to begin with potholders.

All I need now is a power cord.

I’ve been ruminating about this for a year or so, but couldn’t find the power cord/foot pedal to my machine, and I’m far too afraid of my treadle machine to use it (even though my grandmother swore before she gave it to me that it works). Then I found the cord… and then I lost it again. D’oh! Then I bought a new one online, and it came the other day… so we’ll see where this goes.

Because, you know, I’m running short on crafty things to do around here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :snork:

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  1. Yes, well, I learned to sew from the other grandmother, the one who you are the re-incarnation of. I would just sit and watch her work. So you’ll be able to resume the skill without too much trouble. But I wonder if the repeat loss of the cord is a subconscious manifestation of your reluctance… Taking on the complex project is probably hereditary. When, in high school, everyone else was making a simple jumper, I really wanted to make a fullly decorated authentic trench coat. As it turned out, I had to make the jumper and it was a disaster. Aunt Nellie had to completely rip it apart for me and redo it so I could get a passing grade. But now, of course, I do a fair amount of sewing.

  2. I don’t know why, but I face a sewing machine with a great deal of panic, despite my successful sewing projects in 4-H growing up. Especially if I have to cut out a pattern. My brain freaks out and starts saying things like “But I don’t know what a bias is and if I should cut on it! What does it all mean?????”

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