Wednesday, March 28

Lunch with friendsYesterday I took the afternoon off (shh, don’t tell my boss!) and went and hung out with a couple girlfriends. (As an aside, I used the term “girlfriend” with a male friend once, meaning “friends who are girls” because that’s what we call each other; he totally assumed I meant “girls with whom I am having sexual relations” and immediately launched into a speech about polyamory and open marriages – specifically, his – and I was like, ARMS FLAILING!!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!! STOP TALKING! … so yeah, the ending of that conversation was awkward.)

Where was I…?

Right; hung out with girlfriends. And we had naked pillow tickle fights! HAHAHA. Kidding. We went craft store hopping and had a late lunch, and talked of cabbages and kings and kid’s shoes.

There’s a new cloth shop (is that what they’re called? Stores what sell cloth?) in town, Chickadee Shops. While it is geared towards quilters, the class Mariana and I are taking in a couple weeks needs either cotton or flannel; and being all about supporting women-owned independent businesses, that was where we wanted to spend our money. Rhea met us there because she is a seamstress extraordinaire, and wanted to check the place out. It wasn’t nearly as overwhelming as I thought it might be, but I sure did want to come home with everything. See, this is why I’ve always wanted to be better at sewing — cloth is so pretty! And shiny! And I can hoard it! Like my yarn! Wait, it’s not hoarding if it is for eventual use, right…? :shifty eyes:

Future pajama pantsThis is the cloth I wound up getting for the pajama class I am taking at Sew Make Do in a couple of weeks. I have actually made pajamas before (cursing the entire time since my tension wouldn’t right itself and I had real problems with the curves and the bobbin thread was always coming through to the top) but I want to take a class on it… well, to combat those three problems I had. The class is also going to discuss pattern reading (something that I get generally – I mean, you cut where the lines are, right?) but not specifically (what do all those arrows and symbols mean?). I think that the tips and knowledge I pick up in this class are going to be applicable to many different patterns. Hooray, new hobbies!

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  1. a) That fruit looks fantastic. b) I also am fascinated by cloth. I do not own a sewing machine, and I think that might be wise. But, it’s so pretty…

  2. Hi! My name is Nakhira, and I’m a member of the Fabric Continuum …
    We’d like to welcome you to the furthest outposts of our entity, and encourage any fabric-collection tendencies you may have.

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