Scenes from last week

Well, last week was actually a working-mostly-behind-the-scenes type of week, so while I was able to catch up on a lot of things, it makes for pretty boring daily photos!

Looking back on last year and ahead to next #YBY2015

Here’s how I spent a couple of days; sitting at the table in the living room, going over my notes and plans for last year and starting to think about what I want from next year.

I did finish winding the November club yarn but of course I can’t show that off. The only other thing I really finished that I can show off was wrapping my donation soap for Peaceful Paths –

Working on my quarterly soap donation for Peaceful Paths,  a local domestic abuse network. A custom blend this time which smells of fresh cut grass and daisies and violets. It's like a summer afternoon! #soap #handmadesoap

Twenty bars of a for-them-only blend that smells of violets and daisies and fresh green grass.

Happy Sunday, y’all!

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