Scenes from last week

Since I needed new business cards a few weeks ago and @moo was having a sale... I stocked up. I used 45 different photos - doesn't that make you want to collect the whole set?

I needed to get some new business cards as I was down to my last 50… and what a great time for MOO! to have a 25% off sale! I stocked up – smartly looked up records on how many business cards I ordered so far this year, which turns out to have been 400 in January. That got me through the middle of September, so I went ahead and ordered 600. The thing I love about MOO! is that you can use your own photography on the cards… and y’all know how much I love photography. So here’s what 600 cards looks like.

On the bobbin #spinning #spinningwheel #kromski

Things were also a little slower for me this week so I was able to get a little time in on the spinning wheel. Normally I spin and then either sell or give my handspun to my friends for Giftmas, but this stuff, I’m going to keep (mean of me to show it off, I guess). I made some thick house socks a couple of years ago and wore a hole in them last year… so I need another pair and I think this yarn will do nicely (even though we are hoping to move to a new house – ONE WITH HEAT! – before cold weather hits us).

Handspinners! These beauties will be in the shop tomorrow - can you stand the wait? #spinningfiber #handdyedroving

Before Fiber-In I ordered and dyed two new base fibers for spinning… some of which sold out at Fiber-In and never made it to the website! I’ve rectified that now, and you can find it all here.

I wasn't planning on photographing any soap this morning- I was just going to wrap it.... but the #sunlight this morning is too beautiful to ignore! #handmadesoap #soap

And I made a lot of soap last week, as well… about 75 bars (20 of which will be donated to Peaceful Paths, a local domestic abuse network here in Gainesville). I was hoping to have everything wrapped by the end of the day Friday so that I could update Monday, but I’m afraid I didn’t get finished… I should have everything listed by Wednesday at the latest, though!

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