Scenes from last week

Last week was not as productive as I wanted; a few days I didn’t even take “Scenes from a work day” photos because who needs a photo of me going to Best Buy with a dying computer? Or photos of me doing my quarterly sales tax, or bagging up yarn club?

Scenes from a work day: objects in motion #yarn #handdyedyarn

My favorite photo from the week; winding yarn. I love the contrast between the motion of the yarn winding off the swift and the stillness of the scissors and scrap pieces.

Yes, it's early, but people are already asking about them - so here they are! #ceramics #owls

Owl ornaments! It’s early, I know, but a few people have asked when they’ll be ready. You can find the owl ornaments on my Seasonal Ceramics page.

Why is it that dumping out solid colors to rinse always gives me ideas for multicolored yarn (that I don't have time to dye)? #handdyedyarn #yarn #pink #green

And today I’m winding up everything I dyed last week! Yarn update to come as soon as I get that done.

I hope your last week was good, and that your week coming up is even better!

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