Lunchies on the runOlives, mushrooms, cheese, and white chocolate. Nutritious! Hahahaha. Not.

Here are some random thoughts.

I’ve had a headache on and off for a week now. Is it the rain? Have my sinuses got mold? Everything above my eyeballs hurts if I stand still. Or move. Or bend over. Or look around. Or think. Sigh.

Catherine was asking me about three or four months ago when I was going to stop taking custom orders for the Christmas 2013 holidays, and I was like, “are you shitting me? Christmas is in eight months! I just got through Christmas! Cut me some slack! Don’t make me think about that this early!” but… now it’s time to start thinking about my cut-off date. Custom orders right now are running about six weeks turnaround, which means if I want things done by the week of December 8th at the latest, and giving myself a couple of grace weeks, I need to look at… around the middle of October for a cut-off point for Christmas special orders. Ouch. That’s practically right around the corner. I can hardly make myself think about it… maybe because it’s still about a million degrees outside, and it seems like Fall and Winter are just a sick joke….? Also, WTF, it feels like I just finished my custom orders for Christmas last year. Where does the time go?! Sigh.

I really have a lot of extra soap right now, because, and I’m going to have to make the decision about what to do with it as it really is taking up some space in my office (as is stuff for another location that I have not heard back from and am afraid may fall through… good thing I didn’t talk about it or I’d have to backpedal!). I may wind up going back to Etsy with a good portion of it, because it’s stuff I already have a lot of on my regular shop. And, like I said in that previous post, I do already have a presence there so it would be easy to just slide a few things in there for the holiday season. So why does the thought of doing that leave me a little queasy? Sigh.

New Dog is a toy disembowler. She will chew off all appendages, liberally applying spit, and then also take out and kill any squeakers. Also she forgets that she is housetrained when it rains. Both of these things mean that occasionally I step on damp squishy things. Oh, and her modus opperandi for waking us up when she needs to go outside or has a really bad itch where she can’t reach, is to flop her head back and forth so that her ears make a slapping, clapping sound. Then she either lays down on the floor where we can’t reach (from bed) to scratch her, or she refuses to go outside. Then she flops her head again. I’m starting to feel like I’m in some sort of sleep deprivation experiment. Sigh.

Did I mention my head hurts? It is making me cranky, listless, and unmotivated. So is this weather, which for about the last month has been rain, followed by chance of rain, followed by brief morning, afternoon, and evening rainshowers, but that’s OK because tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain. I try to tell myself I shouldn’t complain, as we really do need the water in our aquifers so that we don’t get this again… but sweet zombie Jesus, MY SINUSES.

We got a baby gate to keep the dogs out of the cat box room (New Dog loves her some cat box treats). The cats are too stupid and/or fat to jump over it, so Tim has put it a little high up so the cats can go under it. Unfortunately some days he puts it juuuuuuuuuuuust high enough that New Dog can also get under it… and then it turns into some Winnie The Pooh comedy routine where she’s eaten so much she can’t get back out. Hurk. WELCOME NEW BLOG READERS.

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  1. The time. It flies. I’ll take it’s all relative for a thousand, Alex! I hope your sinuses feel better. I am so thankful for this rain, for what you said, and because it isn’t nearly as hot inside the house this year. It sucks for doing outdoor things though. Such as dog walking. I hope it gets better, and that she starts to go outside and not be afraid of the weather.

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