Conwy on my hands

Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 Pattern: Conwy by Nancy Bush, which is a sock pattern; I adapted it for gloves. Started: 12/24/12 Completed: 01/06/13 Notes: Way back at the beginning of the year I though I’d knit a pair of gloves a month for the whole year,  giving myself twelve presents by …

No More Cold Toes

Yarn: my own handspun Pattern: made up as I went along Started: 12/01/12 Completed: 12/15/12 Notes: Made for me, as cozy warm house socks. Then we proceeded to have the mildest winter in probably ten years. YOU’RE WELCOME, GAINESVILLE!

Genealogy is funny

Here are some things I’m learning while doing all this genealogy research — People can’t spell, or their spelling is heavily influenced by accents. I see this mostly in census records; I have written down “Alpha Maude” and the census record comes up with “Alfa Maude”. “Amanda” becomes “Amandy”. Some …


Olives, mushrooms, cheese, and white chocolate. Nutritious! Hahahaha. Not. Here are some random thoughts. — I’ve had a headache on and off for a week now. Is it the rain? Have my sinuses got mold? Everything above my eyeballs hurts if I stand still. Or move. Or bend over. Or …

Santa Gator

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Tepper in Hogtown Pattern: Made up as I went along. Started: 11/10/12 Completed: 12/07/12 Notes: For my friend Bill, who happens to be both a huge Gator fan, and loves Christmas. Given to him at Christmas last year.

Making history come alive

Genealogy was always one of those things that I half-heartedly wanted to get into. You know, in all my copious spare time? It seemed like one of those things I would like (I do love a mystery) but one of those things that I’d have to put off until I …

50s Rock

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Andre in The 50s Have Called and HaldeCraft HandDyed Anne in Weathered Wood Pattern: Fissility by Lorena Haldeman Started: 10/10/12 Completed: 11/05/12 Notes: My friend Quinn needed a hug and this was the best I could do, long distance. XOXO