Can I please have two Mondays?

Can I please have two Mondays?

My favorite blog topic right now is Monday Musings. Guess who hasn’t had a lot of computer time on Mondays for the last, like, month? Sigh.

Of course today is Tuesday, and I started writing this at about 7:45 AM, and it’s now a little after 11, so… guess I’m not getting much quality computer time, ever?

And now it’s 12:30 and I keep getting sidetracked. I have to leave the house today by 3, I hope I can get focused!

I have been working on accounting this morning, though, so at least I’m adulting. I’ve been adulting a lot lately, it seems like, and it’s … it’s so tiring! When I was a kid, grown-ups didn’t seem this tired all the time. There seemed to be a lot more sitting-around talking-and-drinking time. I HAVE BEEN MISLED, Y’ALL.

Things that I’ve been doing lately have involved things like doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, endlessly food shopping for the pets (and also endless vet appointments and endless hours of pet care), figuring out the last of getting Tim’s name off things, working on my HaldeCraft taxes, working on my personal taxes (and by that I mean crying a lot and telling my accountant that I’m afraid of paperwork – fortunately she’s wonderful and makes me feel less afraid of the IRS beating down my door), cleaning the house, fixing things around the house, decorating the house, seeing what the pets need, trying to get either some writing or some ceramic work done, and generally sitting around a couple of times a day staring at the wall trying to remember what I was just doing or came into the room to do or trying to find motivation to do the things.

I feel like I’m my own zookeeper and pre-school teacher all at once!

There’s also a gazillion little things I want to tell you, blog, but I seem to lack a lot of time to sit down and write super long, well-thought out posts. I might have to go back to daily 500-word “this is what I did yesterday” posts just so I can get everything out that I’ve been longing to say!

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