Testing, testing…..!

Testing, testing…..!

In order to try to keep things a little easy for myself (HAHAHAHAHAH have you MET me?!) I downloaded this extension that’s supposed to allow you to write a blog post on your WordPress site as you normally would, but tag it as a Patreon post and allegedly it will both not show up except to Patrons *and* will cross-post to my Patreon page.

I kind of want to hit “post” now to make sure it works… but I don’t know how the notifications work and I’d hate to bother people with a message for just one paragraph. But I also don’t want to write a full Patron-only post and have it accidentally go public. So I guess I’ll go ahead and test this.

Does it work? Did it work? Can you see this if you’re not a Patron? Let me know in the comments! And if you are a Patron, I’m really sorry for this post if it sends you an email, and then another email in like half an hour when I write my regular, scheduled post. Sorry….?

EDITED TO ADD: Ugh. So, it worked, on the WordPress end, but didn’t actually cross-post over to Patreon. So I think I’m going to just keep writing my Patreon posts over there (I’m sorry, WordPress, I love your interface). Maybe I’ll post a note here when I post there…? Or y’all already get emails, I think, and I don’t want to overload your inboxes. Sigh. Technology!!!!



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