Tap… tap… tap…

:: clears throat ::

Is this thing on….?

Coming soon…

– my broken tooth and how it masqueraded as TMJ for five years.
– how we’re giving up on fighting the tortoise and re-fencing part of the yard.
– ruminations on self-motivation vs. motivation by others.
– how the studio is coming.
– how I’m going to murder this cat if she doesn’t let me eat my macaroni and cheese in peace.
– how everyone I’ve met in this small town is lovely except for that one man who was offended by my Publix bag inside of Hitchcocks; whatever, old man, don’t worry, I’ll stay offa your yard with my newfangled things like “bringing my own shopping bag” and “electricity”.
– how Tim’s family is lovely.
– some damn fool bought The Pit!

But right now I have to scatter; orders to put together before a customer shows up at the studio, and cupcakes that need icing.

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading about all of that! I hope the broken tooth thing means that you were able to get it fixed and don’t have any more pain.

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