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  1. OMG, those first two pictures… I had forgotten! Amazing difference. Totally amazing. Thanks for letting us help break it in for you! OXOXO

    1. I know, right?! The insurance company still hasn’t gotten back with us about putting handrails on that back step – I think they’re probably in too much shock that it’s so different and BETTER.

      And thank you for coming to break it in with us! XOXO

    1. The deck IS amazing – and one day you’ll come down and have a drink on it with us, right?! We’ll even let you stay in the house, you don’t have to buy a camper, LOL!

      Now, off to read that article….!

  2. Hey! I know the bearded guy!

    Also, +1 for picture of Unca Joe.

    It came out great. I just wish I had more time to help with it. I’ll catch up with Tim for more projects – I’m sure you’ll have a few. 🙂

    1. Oh, yeah, we will never lack for projects out here. Have we mentioned the front porch going on the studio? Or the combo deck/porch/outdoor kitchen going on the front of the house? 😉

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