Planner Thunderdome 2023: The Winner

Planner Thunderdome 2023: The Winner

And the winner is….

The Go Girl Agenda Planner. And by “winner” I mean it had the most I could actually use and the least I’d have to modify.

The first thing I modified was the cover; yes, I do like the color purple, in general, but this was almost neon, and as I mentioned in the review of the first Go Girl planner, I’m not the biggest fan of the name. So I ordered a new Oberon Designs planner cover.

After that, the only modification I made was to tape over those first sets of pages I wasn’t going to use, with dot grid paper so that I could use the pages for anything. I kept that first two-page calendar spread, and the next three two-page spreads now look similar to this –

Dot grid paper cut from the end of a previously used planner, taped to the pages I wouldn’t use, with a combo of double-sided tape and washi tape, whatever I felt like using.

Do I absolutely love it? Would I save it from a burning building? Eh, we’ll see, I’ve only been using it a month now. But I have been using the shit out of it for that month, so that’s a good sign! It’s undated, so I do still have to fill in the days/dates, but that’s fine. That’s a lot easier than taking the time to design the whole thing myself.

Am I happy with my experiment, overall? Yeah, I am, even though I decided I didn’t like four of the five planners I bought. Maybe some people can look at a computer screen with five different tabs open to websites and compare back and forth, looking also at reviews and if anything is on Instagram or whatever… but I need to hold the planner in my hand. What can I say? I’m a book person? It’s not just about the layout of the planner (although that’s a lot of it). It’s about how the planner feels. How the paper feels. Is the paper thick or thin? Is the cover textured or smooth? Does the print look lighter or darker than it does online? It was absolutely worth it for me to try them all out, and I’m glad I did this. I’ll probably even do it again because I have a memory like a goldfish and in probably three or four years I’ll forget all of this and buy a whole bunch of planners (gods, I hope not all the same ones, lol) and make them have a smackdown.

Thanks for reading, y’all!

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  1. Yup ; somethings we need to have in our hands in actual and whole real life to make a decision about something we’ll use as often as this will be used. AND another question about said thing in hand is being able to ascertain how it will hold up to any necessary altering . That sho’nuff is a pretty thing .

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