Planner Thunderdome 2023: The Legend Planner

Planner Thunderdome 2023: The Legend Planner

I really, really, REALLY wanted to like this planner. The cover is gorgeous!

But…. it comes with the almost-same too-small-to-read printed “how to use this journal” page. And stickers, which, again, I’m not going to use that much of.

Awareness and Self Discovery, and My Vision. Why? Why are these so prevalent in planners these days? I’d never use these.

My Dreams, and My Life’s Most Important Goals. Again, I want to use this as a work planner… these are not the topics I’d spend a lot of time on for this.

Vision Board. Again; not useful for me.

My One Year Goals; again, I’d use these if they were work goals, but not life goals. This is getting disappointing, y’all.

My Strategy, and My Daily Rituals. Is this also made by the people who make the Go Girl Planner?

My Three Month Goals, and My Tactics. Again, as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t use these like this. Yes, I’d have three month goals for work. But I’d more have one-year goals for things I’d like to do during the year, things to accomplish for work, and under that, the steps I’d take to make those things happen. For example, say I want to release an entire new texture line in December. Let’s say I think about this in January, so I have roughly eleven months to make everything, if I wanted to release everything at the same time (let’s say, hypothetically, a Christmas or Winter themed thing). I’d make a list of everything I’d want to have in that line. I’d think about how long it would take me to make each thing. I’d make a list of when to start making each thing throughout the year. That’s how I would use a goal section.

A monthly spread, with goals under part of it, and then… Nope. “Things I will do to make this month great” is a list that I would never, ever use. To me this kind of list feels like toxic positivity, designed to make you feel like shit if it doesn’t happen for you. No thank you, I don’t have time to buy into that.

Reflect on this month is interesting, but honestly, I probably wouldn’t use it in the long run. How do I feel about my progress? What are the important lessons I have learned? What areas of my life haven’t been fulfilled this month? What can I improve on and how can I put those improvements into actions? Thanks, but no. I’d rather feel myself out on those things a tiny bit every day, than a lot at the end of next month. For me, small daily course corrections work better than an end-of-month review.

And here we are at the weekly spread. I’d like more room for notes (a larger dot grid area). Main goal, sure; but the reward if I succeed in that goal? I’m not five. I don’t need a stick of gum to motivate me. The reward for succeeding in my goal should be that I succeeded in doing it! I don’t mind the different work/personal to-do lists, after all, I have both work and personal things to do. But a list of this week’s wins? I already have a meditation app in which I can write down three “wins” or things I’m grateful for every day, why would I want to pick through all of those things and pick the top three for a weekly win? And things that I’ll improve next week? No thank you, I’d never use this.

So, so far in each one of these, I’ve seen stuff that I like but also definitely stuff that I’d not use. It’s more like with those things, I’d tape note paper over the whole page, or over the section on that page, to just make room for more notes or doodles or shopping lists or things to remember to do some time. This is… number four, I think? One more to review.

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