Planner Thunderdome 2023: The Go Girl Agenda Planner

Planner Thunderdome 2023: The Go Girl Agenda Planner

Journal #2! The Go Girl Agenda planner. I really, really don’t want to use something called the “Go Girl” planner, it sounds way too much like “Girl Boss!” and “Momtrepreneur” which are both phrases I loathe.

Kind of a generic cover, I wasn’t really thrilled with any of the (four?) colors this was available in. And I usually like purple! But this is almost neon to me and I do not enjoy it. Came with stickers. Came with the same kind of ridiculously tiny font guide on how to use this planner. Jeez, people, spring for a fold-out and make the type larger! Work with us!

Oh, hello! I must say, I do love a yearly calendar where I can look and see what day is what. And this has three years worth? I mean, I’m sure they did it this way so they didn’t have to print a new one for three years, but I do kind of dig it.

Again, visions and goals? I will never ever use this. That’s not what I want a planner for. If it was a journal, sure. But not a work planner.

My most important one year goals, and my … tactics? So, the … the steps I will use to get to my goals? I mean, I know what the word “tactic” means, it just seems like an odd choice for this. I wonder if I could read the small print on that “how to use this” sheet, it would explain why they chose the word “tactic”….? Alas, I’m out of magnifying glasses, so I’ll never know.

My strategy? My daily rituals? Again, I will never use this.

An important date section is one that I’d use. Good for planning out releases and yarn club and things.

Pretty standard monthly calendar. I appreciate that it’s not also filled with more goals and wins and “things I’ll do better next month” sections.

Priorities, Things to Do, Habits (which for me is more like chores that need to be done almost daily yet for some reason I have to remind myself to do, like cleaning the cat boxes or watering the plants). The whole week shown at once; I wish Saturday and Sunday were full size, but that’s just because I’m self-employed and usually work on the weekends like I work during the week. And that’s a good half page of dot grid, good for notes, lists, drawing out ideas… much more space than the last one.

Do we have a winner, here? I mean, I really don’t like the name. But I can tape dot grid paper over the few pages I wouldn’t use, making them more useful… plus there are some dot grid pages in the back. OK; we’ll set this one aside… after all, there are still three more to look at. \

Stay tuned for Journal #3….

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