Planner Thunderdome 2023: The Go Girl Undated Weekly & Monthly Planner

Planner Thunderdome 2023: The Go Girl Undated Weekly & Monthly Planner

Journal #3, another Go Girl Planner; this one the undated weekly and monthly planner.

It has a slightly larger “how to use this” page, and a few less stickers. Not that I would have used either, but … if it matters to you?

As I’ve previously said, I’d never use these for a work planner. For a guided journal, yes. But not for a work journal. For a work journal I just want work goals/information!

Top five goals, actions to reach those goals, and a page for a mind map…. these might be useful.

Again, though, strategy and daily rituals? I wouldn’t put this to use.

A month view; yes. But. A small list of monthly goals? Well, OK, I do actually get that, if you’re spreading something out throughout the month. But Life Balance goals? Nah, but thanks.

The weekly layout looks a lot like their Agenda weekly layout, which I like. Priorities, Things to Do, Habits. The whole week shown at once; as with the other one, I wish Saturday and Sunday were full size, but that’s just because I’m self-employed and usually work on the weekends like I work during the week. And that’s a good half page of dot grid, good for notes, lists, drawing out ideas… much more space than the first one, same as the second one.

For as many pictures as I took, I’m not really saying a lot about these – less than I thought I’d have to say. I’m not sure if that’s because I have a hundred other things that I’m doing, or because I’m not happy with the way the photos turned out but I’m either too busy or too lazy to retake them all, or because so many of these journals turned out to be similar. Whatever it is, I’m still glad I did this experiment – I’ll talk more about the whole thing after I’m done with all these quick reviews! Er, quick-ish. Quick to read, but it just takes me a while to have some brief few minutes to write the posts. Sigh. Life!


So far I still like #2 the best (it has the least I wouldn’t use) but we still have two to go.

Stay tuned for Journal #4….


Journal #2: The Go Girl Agenda Planner
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