Oh, look, another picture with booze

Oh, look, another picture with booze

I’m starting to think that instead of a good example, I serve as a horrible warning. But just look at these adorable new tumblers at Chopstix. JUST LOOK AT THEM.

Yesterday was a Good Day; hanging out with old friends, day-drinking, celebrating the birthday of my heart’s sister. After all the sugar of cake and cupcakes, though, we had to go get some “real” food… it was Saturday, and that meant Chopstix was open and chances were good Titi would be there, so… we kidnapped Hawk and off to eat we went!

Now today I am trying to catch up on a lot of writing things I’m behind on, and office things. Sunday is usually my Office Day (although I’m thinking of extending that to Sunday and Monday, because there always seems to be something that doesn’t get finished).

Hmm. WordPress really doesn’t want me to rotate this picture.

Did that get it? Or is it still sideways? Sigh. Technology! Oh, no, wait, I think it worked that time! Yay. That was a lot to go through just to show you a picture of my current knitting. The color is Seaworthy and I think the base is Tiptree….? I started these over a year ago and honestly can’t remember. Derp. I really need to get better at updating my Ravelry progress notebook. This is just a simple stockinette sock, ribbed cuff that I’m on now, and when I’m done with the cuff I’ll go back and pick up the afterthought heel… my favorite heel style.

OK; short post today. I have a big post to write about work for tomorrow, and a Patreon post to write for today… so let me finish writing here so I can… go write? Let me finish telling you this so I can tell you something else? OK, those were funnier in my head. I think I need more coffee this morning.

Happy Sunday, y’all!

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