Easy (Listening) Like Sunday Morning

Easy (Listening) Like Sunday Morning

I can not thank Sharon enough for telling me about the podcast, The Dream. I’ve long been fascinated by pyramid sch— uh, multi-level marketing and this podcast is really well put together and fascinating. If you, too, are curious not just about “what is an MLM” but also… why or how would someone get into one? Who are those people who are doing great? What happens when you don’t do great? …. give this a listen. It’s only 11 episodes long, each one about 45 minutes. I’m just finishing up episode six and I’ve already learned so much.

The same thanks go to Heath for recommending Mission to Zyxx. It’s an improv science fiction podcast story, and it is high-freaking-larious. They’re on season three, but after listening to an episode with him a few weeks ago I went back to the beginning, and let me tell you that it’s really hard to ration myself to one a day. It is RICH with comedy gold!

And it’s good I have some awesome things to listen to, because I have a lot to do this weekend.

On thing I’m doing this weekend is painting llamas. Alpacas? They kind of have the smushed alpaca face, and the smaller alpaca ears, but typically llamas are the pack animals who wear the blankets. So… Llampacas? Allamas? ANYWAY. I researched Peruvian blankets and I’m very sorry but I’m sticking with stripes. There are some BEAUTIFUL designs and I just do not have time to do them. HOWEVER! Shhhh – I’m going to bring this in as a llarger llama (see what I did there?) and it’ll be a planter instead of a coffee mug (because, seriously, you could put your eye out with this PLEASE do not drink out of it if you buy one!) and I’ll have room and time to do more traditional blankets.

I also did my monthly Discord chat this morning, for my Patreon (waves at Donna! Thank you hon for spending the morning chatting with me!), and posted the monthly advice column for Patrons.

I’ve also run up to the store, and started making some soap, and I’m finishing up this blog post, and then I have some fiction writing to do! Later I’ll get really crazy and cook dinner. Maybe do some laundry. I KNOW. Living the life, right?!

Anyway. How’s your Sunday? Lazy? It is easy like Sunday morning?

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  1. Somewhat related to your mug, today via Reddit I learned that a cross between a llama and an alpaca is called a huarizo (may not have spelled it exactly right). I like llampaca better though.

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