Today I am grateful it is not Monday. Wait. Is it? What is today?

Today I am grateful it is not Monday. Wait. Is it? What is today?

You’d think, with how addicted I am to planners, I would actually know what day of the week it is. HAHAHAHAHAHAH nope.

Speaking of planners, have I told y’all about my new gratitude journals? If you’re anything like me, your Facebook feed is often full of people telling things they’re grateful for – whether it’s that tag-a-friend thing that goes around sometimes about “say one thing a day you’re grateful for, for ten days” or that “21 Days of Gratitude” challenge, or any variation of.

Also if you’re like me, sometimes, to be perfectly honest, the thing you’re grateful for is that you got through the day without punching anyone in the face.

I mean, I’m not a Debbie Downer type, but I’m also not a Pollyanna type — there is good and there is bad and overall I don’t mind the bad so much because without the bad days we wouldn’t celebrate or be as thankful for the good days; we need that balance to be able to measure the good…. but woooooooooooo, sometimes, those bad days! Enough, already! Am I right?! And while a good fall-back to “one thing today I’m grateful for” can be things like a beautiful sunrise (or sunset) or kittens purring or a puppy kissing your face enthusiastically… if those are the things I’m writing every day that I’m grateful for, I start to think I may be having a string of hard days.

So just like “Festivus for the rest of us”… I found these awesome gratitude journals for those of us who drop more than the occasional f-bomb and maybe think sometimes the easiest thing that comes to mind to be thankful for is that you didn’t punch the a-hole of the day in the face. I mean, listen. I wish I was one of those airy, always-happy, above-anger, low-stress kind of people. I really do. And I have my moments where sometimes I’m close… but I’ve come to accept that it’s never going to happen for me, not all of the time. So I’m awfully glad I found a couple of gratitude journals written by people who feel the same way!

Overall so far I like the Zen as F*ck one more than the F*ck This Shit one, as far as variety of things/inspirations/prompts… but the days in the other one that have a space for the a-hole of the day just never stop making me grin. Sometimes the a-hole is my brain, too, gotta be honest.

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