Welcome, new friends!

Welcome, new friends!

Usually, “welcome new friends” or “welcome new followers” is something I say jokingly, after I say something super crass… but this time I mean it because I’ve been playing with Jetpack and I think my blog is now going to cross-post a link to… uh… most of my social media spots, most of which I use for work. HAHAHAHAHA was that really the smartest thing I could have done? Now everyone who only knows me as HaldeCraft is going to find out that I ramble on a lot nonsensically… I use the word “fuck” like a comma… I talk a lot – openly – about grief, the grieving process, how absolutely surreal it is to be AN ACTUAL WIDOW, what the hell, that still doesn’t seem real…. oh, and I get distracted mid-sentence VERY EASILY.

Mostly this post is a test post, to see if it really does auto/cross post everywhere, and what that looks like. It look like Jetpack is telling me I currently have 30 shares remaining (unless I want to upgrade to get more) so this first post is to see if that counts as one share per post, or one share per place Jetpack tells you all I posted. That will tell me if I want to make ALL of the posts I write here do that or just all of the more HaldeCraft-centric ones.

ABOUT THIS BLOG. I’ve been blogging for, like, a hundred years. OK, it just feels like that. I started with a hand-coded blog that I uploaded a new front page to every day via FTP, with a new blog post. Then actual blogging software came out, and things like LiveJournal – except I already had my own domain so while I’ve tried LiveJournal, Blogger, and the like, this is what I keep coming back to. I’ve completely lost everything… I think twice? due to transferring hosting and blogging software. There’s nothing left of 2002-2007, unless I have something on a floppy disk somewhere (kids, ask your grandparents) and there are only a few posts I’ve been able to recover from the 2007-2012 era. I thought I was going to give this blog up around the 2019/2020 time frame, so quit posting a lot and deleted a lot of super dumb rambly posts… but then when I went to cancel the hosting, like maybe a year or so ago, when I explained that I was cancelling because nothing on the back end was working and it was too much trouble for me to keep messing with it, my wonderful hosting people talked me through what they thought might be wrong, how I might fix it, and BEHOLD. It worked. And it worked at a time when I really wanted to come back to blogging – to have a record of what I was going through with Tim’s death, to have a place to openly journal where other people could see someone grieving in real time, because I think that grief and loss are things we don’t always talk about enough.

There are categories on the blog, but this is a somewhat new template and I’m still working out the kinks. If you scroll halfway down you’ll see the four most-read categories, and if you scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll see the tags I use the most often so you can see posts about that subject. Whoa, in looking at that front page? I REALLY need to clean things up. What a mess!

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to say for right now. I’m anxious to hit post on this and see how badly I’ve managed to bork things up.

Welcome, new friends!

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  1. I’m not sure if the blog did what you wanted it to do, but I did get it and I read it. And I’m not sure I read what I think I read…LOL

    1. Considering I almost titled it “Good morning, new friends!” but then all I could hear was Robin Williams, “Good MOOOORRRRRRRNING, Vietnam!”….

    1. It did, thank you! I learned what the “you have so many shares left” thing means, I learned that it really will cross-post (previously it’s told me it would but then not), and I learned that I can turn the shares off if I don’t want to “spend” them and would rather hold onto them for the good posts, haha. Thank you!

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