I am not easily sidetracked, my focus is laser—- OH LOOK A CHICKEN

I am not easily sidetracked, my focus is laser—- OH LOOK A CHICKEN

Every morning I get up and look at my laptop and think “I really want to write a blog post” (in some cases, NEED to, because it’s on my list of things to do that day).

And then I get excited about trying to actually get some work done in between cleaning cat boxes, and I run over to the studio, and then BAM before I know it the day is shot and I’m too tired to focus on stringing words together.

Part of me doesn’t know where the time goes in a day. Part of me did some math and realized that if I only spend 15 minutes on every animal (feeding, cleaning up after, making sure they have water, making sure they have adequate attention and interaction) then that takes up four hours and fifteen minutes of my day.

I never thought I would have too many animals and yet HERE WE ARE.

I saw a new stray dog set off the motion detector last night; a black and white border collie (as opposed to the black and white boxer mix I’ve seen around during the day sometimes) and mostly I just wanted to tell it that this isn’t the safe haven it might think it is. Run, doggo, run! There’s no room at the Inn.

Yesterday I meant to catch up on chores, clean off the old dining room table so we can move it and put in the new dining room table, clean out all the cat boxes, take the trash out, make a good lunch and dinner, write at least 500 words on my next chapter, wind club yarn and get ready to mail it out, mail out the Patreon postcard, write two blog posts (one for here and one for Patreon), spend an hour on the treadmill and then maybe even do some yoga. Know what I did? Took a shower and then made six butter dishes. Next thing I knew it was almost 7 PM. I think I had tomatoes for lunch and corn for dinner. I don’t even remember if I fed the tortoises yesterday. I know I forgot to take the trash down to the curb.

Today? Today I’d like to do all the things I forgot to do yesterday because I got sidetracked by butter dishes. TO BE FAIR those butter dishes are pretty damn awesome, if I do say so myself. But still. Were they worth losing my whole day for? I guess we’ll find out after they dry, and I get them fired, painted, and fired again.

Tonight is also dinner with friends, and we need to go into town a little early so we can drop some stuff for donation off at Repurpose.

Queue Morgan Freeman Voice: Will she get everything accomplished today that she wants to?

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