When Friday feels like Saturday

When Friday feels like Saturday

While the workaholic part of me always feels a little guilty, there’s nothing I like better than sneaking away from work for part of a day and having lunch with friends.

I swear there was also food involved.

Sometimes I joke about it but there is a little grain of truth in there, that one of the reasons I work for myself is that I don’t like to ask permission to go do things. I don’t like to have to explain to a supervisor why I have to make a necessary doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day, or why it can’t be rescheduled to a more convenient (convenient for the supervisor, that is) time. If a friend is having an emergency and needs help, I don’t want to have to ask permission to drop everything and go be by their side. That’s why I’m so invested in HaldeCraft working out – so that I don’t have to go find a day job. At this point I’m nine years into HaldeCraft, and the initial plan had been to give it six months and then see how it was going… so maybe I’m making it work? Just don’t look at my bank account this week, it’s a tad harrowing.

Here’s another little peek into the Dreambook & Planner I’m using. Before you even get INTO the planner part, there are 32 pages of getting to know yourself. Sound intimidating? I have to admit, it is. This is why I bought the planner and then didn’t use it for four months… I kept looking at some of the questions and thinking “ugh, I do NOT have the energy to answer this right now”. But when I finally made time, the answers flowed.

There’s a section on connecting; considering where you are in six areas of your life including things like physical health, psychological wellness, relationships. There’s a section on discovering your core values, your purpose, how well you trust yourself, your dreams (as in, where do you see yourself in those six areas of life in another three years, as opposed to where you are now). A mind map for goals that you then break down into projects that need to be accomplished to achieve those goals, and then a section on creating rituals around those projects that when described, sound more like routines than “oooo spooky rituals”.

Here’s one last little picture for the day. Y’all know I’m THAT PERSON, right? Who made an Instagram account for her pets? Two Blind Torts. It was going to just be for Faith and Justice, but look at Statler and Waldorf. They’re so grumpy, how can I NOT make fun of them online?! I try to post daily, but sometimes forget for a few days, because I can’t pre-set things to post like I can with work things. Anyway, if you need a little break from Real Life, go check that out. It’s all good clean fun until Faith gets food all over her face, and then it’s just fun while we laugh about it. Poor dear.

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