Was that just one day yesterday?

Was that just one day yesterday?

Yesterday was so long it felt like an entire week distilled down into one day. Like… an extra-strength day. Day, Concentrated, Just Add Water.

At one point in the day yesterday my anxiety was rearing its ugly head, tapping me in the middle of the back and sitting on my shoulders like Mount Everest. So I went for a little walk around the property. I went up a hill I’ve only been up once before, and the moment that I crested it, I looked down and saw this feather. I always wonder how hawks lose whole feathers like this. Was it sitting in the trees, grooming? Was there a fight with another hawk? I’m pretty sure it didn’t see me coming and think to itself “there’s a gal who needs to find a pretty feather,” haha. Of course I brought it back to the studio with me, as a reminder that when I’m having a stressful day it’s perfectly reasonable to go out into nature, look around, and see small bits of beauty.

I had gotten HaldeCrate all packed up on Tuesday so all I had to do with it yesterday was weigh and label everything and get it to UPS and USPS. I know I could always call for pickup when I have large shipments like that but there’s a 24-hour hold between scheduling it and them picking it up, and since I didn’t finish packing everything until almost 6:30 the night before, I was too brain-fried to arrange shipping for everything and schedule a Wednesday pickup. So! Into the back of the Rav it was! The woman in back of me in the post office kept shooting me looks as if she wanted to go in front of me since she only had one package, but ha! HA! I had a scan form! So it was exactly like having one package. They do love me at that post office with my scan forms.

Then later in the afternoon my new planner was delivered. Does it look familiar? Because I have to come clean – I bought the spiral one late last year, then didn’t make time to really use it until about a month ago, and love the book but not the spiral (it’s just a “me” thing… I thought I’d love it for the ease of writing but just carry so much around daily that I need something with just a titch less bulk). So I got an undated one… And a cover. And some stickers. And hey throw in that bath sample set, I’m always looking for good bath products! Was this retail therapy for a rough week? Maybe. Whatever! Planners!

Y’all know I love my bullet journal, but I’ve been having a problem with it lately. See, I use my planner maybe 10% for “personal” and 90% for “work.” And with work, I need to pre-plan a lot, which is not really the point of the bullet journal if used as originally intended. So I like to draw up my pages a few months in advance so I can go ahead and put in things like “do the newsletter” and “sales tax due.” Lately I haven’t had time to do that, and I’ve passed the point in it where I have pre-planned out pages and have been flying blind the last few weeks. I mean, I’m pretty sure I’m getting everything done that absolutely needs to be done? But I feel very… unplanned. I’m afraid I’m trying to hold so many due dates in my head that something’s going to slip through the cracks.

So I decided that it’s not cheating, it’s not “settling”, to switch to a pre-printed planner for a while. I am super picky about planners (I’ll get more into that in another post sometime) but in this one, I found a style I like more than I don’t like, so … I’m committing to it. We’ll see how it goes – I’m definitely going to finish out 2019 using this one… we’ll see how I feel at the end of the year.

Would there be an interest in a blog post seeing the inside of it, the layout, and how I plan to use it? Can do, if so!

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  1. I’d love to see a blog post with the inside of your planner. So far, the best planner that has worked for me is the UnCalendar. I’m a bit hit and miss on using planners/calendars and it is not dated, so it helps me to not feel like I’ve wasted pages by letting a few weeks pass and not have entered in anything.

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