On Tuesdays there shall be coffee

On Tuesdays there shall be coffee

A little over a year ago, a coffee shop opened up in our little town. Now, y’all who live in a city where there are Starbucks on every corner might not find this too exciting… but for us, it was like a breath of fresh caffeine-scented air.

Since they opened, unless one or all of us is travelling, Denise and Tarrant and I meet at FirePower for coffee on Tuesday mornings. One time we even Skyped Sharon in, and that was hella fun – we need to do that again!

Why am I telling you this? I’m back to being in one of those places where I have a lot I want to blog about, but not a lot of time, and the less I blog about the things I want to talk about, the more I have to say, and the more I have to say the less time there is for me to say it all, so… I remembered that time a couple years ago when for a few months I just blogged once a day about what happened the day before, sometimes tying that in to a bigger thing I wanted to talk about, and somehow over the course of a few months I finally got everything down that I’d been wanting to say. So! Here’s to doing that again for a bit! Better 500 words I can type up in 15 minutes than nothing!

So, meeting with friends and having coffee is a good way to spend an hour once a week, especially when the rest of the day is spent putting HaldeCrate together.

Step one: clean off the counter.

Step two: lay out the orders.

Step three: put out the yarn bowls.

Step four: put out the soap dishes.

Step five: put out the soap sets (step 5b: put soap sets in small organza bags).

Step six: label the yarn and put the correct yarn in with the correct order.

Step seven: pack everything, double and triple checking the right things are going in the right order.

Step eight: count leftovers for general sale on website.

Step nine: buy postage and label all boxes.

Step ten: DRINK

Oh, no, wait, Step Ten is really take everything to UPS/USPS or call for pickup… but then, drink. And eat lunch. And write a quick blog post. And hunt around for your planner (which reminds me I do have a post or three to write about my current planner feelings) to see what the heck you were doing a couple of weeks ago and work on getting your head back into that space.

Whew! So, this isn’t my regular Works-in-Progress Wednesday post, because the only thing going on this week is HaldeCrate and HaldeCrate recovery… but it’s at least a blog post I’m getting out! Whoo! And I’ll write another one tomorrow, what, what?! Don’t believe me? Come back then!

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