Dear Goddamn Diary;

Let’s have, as my friend Becca says about her knitting sometimes, a “come to Jesus” moment. We need to talk about your future.

I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who posts every couple of months and the first paragraph is all, “whoa, what’s happened to the time?!” but seriously, the only three posts in December were about knitting, and those are FO posts that I actually wrote months ago during a bout of insomnia and set to auto-post weeks apart.

I have been blogging pretty regularly for work, but I don’t necessarily just want to copy work posts over here all the time. Even though this blog has more of a following than my work blog. And shhhh don’t tell my other blog child but I like this one best.

I originally blogged about HaldeCraft here on this blog, when first starting out, but started to separate work from life blog for … I don’t even remember why now. To make it difficult for myself? Or more so I’d have some place – here – I could drop the F-bomb and not worry too much about offending customers….? To have a reasonably private place to muse shit out for work before making it official……..? To be able to have a place to blog (there) about work things without boring my friends and family………………? Not like y’all couldn’t just… not read a post, if the title didn’t look interesting. I try not to do that clickbaity shit.

But in looking at your categories now, little blog… I haven’t written an “Adventures in Dog Walking” post in almost three years, because we moved out here and I don’t walk the dogs any more. I post about birthdays on Facebook, when it’s the birthday of the friend. I never write book reviews any more because one of two things happens – I either read books way too fast to stop and review them or I don’t read anything for weeks at a time. I haven’t written a spinning post since 2013.

Most of my posts are either random small shit about my day (that if I took the word “shit” out of would probably even be work-appropriate) or they’re about big health drama things (I’m looking at you, Lefty) that I wind up posting about at work as well just because it’s affecting 100% of my life. Or it’s musings about work, and… I like reading other one-person shows about how they navigate work/life. Am I denying people that by having two blogs?

Should I maybe … combine the blogs back? Right now I have this blog, my work blog, and a work blog hosted by my shop that I just copy and paste my work blog posts into. So if I combined, and had one blog I write in (Snarkland? Or HaldeBlog? Here or there? Near or…. faaaaaaaaaaaaar?) then I could still just copy/paste the posts into the Shopify blog (which I don’t really use on its own because (a) ANOTHER blog?! and (b) there’s a lot that Shopify does right and I am here to tell you that the blogging platform is NOT one of those things. WORDPRESS4LIFE.

I’m also – and I’ve talked to a few people about this in person but I’m not ready to put it out on the Internets yet – but I’m looking into doing a small Patreon campaign. Details before April, pinky swear. I was shooting for details in late February but wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition Bronchitis in January. Ugh.

(That’s another thing — I’ve pretty much been sick since August. July? When did I have that abscessed tonsil? Ah; end of June…. which is about when I quit blogging on the regular! They gave me heavy-duty anti-biotics for that and I swear they must have killed off everything in my system because I’ve caught every single cold or virus that’s come through Keystone Heights since then. Including Shingles, in October through December, where I was also put on some nerve-pain blocking medication and it made it unbelievably difficult to concentrate. I don’t remember much of November and December, just me trying to put one foot in front of the other and get orders out on time. I didn’t even have time to do up Christmas presents for my family!)


Patreon campaign. Which will involve… among other things…. writing blog posts for patrons to keep people interested in what I’m doing. Yay, another blog!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE shit fire what am I doing to myself. Although I did just read that WordPress has a Patreon widget; allegedly you can write your post in WP like ya do, use the Patreon widget to assign a patron level to that post, so if someone was on my “whatever” level I could write a post just for them here, and it would show up here and on Patreon automagically but set for their patron level. This will make more sense soon, pinky swear.

So, as I said above, I’ve been sick a lot lately… but instead of doing what I normally do and beating myself up for that and trying to figure out how to do 110% again, I am instead looking at ways to simplify. Perhaps re-combining the blogs is a way to do that….? I love this little blog, even though I’ve completely lost everything I’ve written, like, twice now… I’ve been blogging here since… 2002? 2003? But… should I keep the work blog (HaldeBlog) and maybe repost some of my best posts here, there….? Or keep this blog and just start doing my regularly scheduled work posts here instead of there…..? Or ditch BOTH separate blogs and just use the crappy Shopify back end, and Patreon?

Thank you, Antony, for asking me over Christmas “where is your life happening these days? Because it’s sure not happening on your blog.” That’s been in the back of my mind since then, and I’ve been meaning to write about all this above which has been on my mind since then… but fucking Bronchitis, man. There’s only so many spoons, ya know?!

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    1. You will be the first person I send the super seeekret link to in that nebulous time between getting it set up and announcing! Thank you so much for your guidance! <3

  1. We never expect the Spanish Inquisition, but then there it is.
    I gave up blogging and I miss it, but I gave it up because I can’t pour my heart out in a blog w/out having some work person get on me about it. Sigh. I hope you figure out what to do. I love reading what you write, your flow is so superb. xxoo

    1. Thank you! It took me a long time to find my voice, but now that I have, I don’t want to use it. Facebook is fine for day-to-day bitchery and memes, but… my blog is like my friend. I don’t want to give her up. But I don’t want to stress myself out more too, so… somewhere in there there’s a simplification that makes my heart happy.

  2. If you don’t need the work blog for sales boosting, ditch it! The Patreon idea is not bad, I support several smart people this way.

    1. I think I do need the blog for sales boosting. More because algorithms on things like Facebook are jacked up and hard to navigate without $$$. It’s just a question, I think, of do I want to move Snarkland to the HaldeBlog, move the HaldeBlog here to Snarkland, and then set whichever one I keep up to cross-post to Patreon…. I think that’s the answer…. still thinking…..

  3. This doesn’t seem like your problem, but for me, I am blogging so much less since the election. Things just don’t feel…. SAFE right now. Even writing about that time I knit socks and ran out of yarn feels too vulnerable.

  4. I like your blog and miss them. I don’t really read the official work blog since I catch all that through ravelry or facebook anyway. If facebook doesn’t show me your stuff (which it has been regularly for a while, thankfully) I will search it out and get caught up. I miss your blog because you are too busy to write for it since you are needing to do the work blog stuff. I miss your dog walking pictures or your pictures from the trail cams, even if those take the place of a blog post because you are too busy glazing ceramics to do a brain dump. Consolidate so you can get back to where you need to be to be able to do it how you want and as often as you want and with the fucking words you want to fucking use.

  5. Always do what is best for you. And nothing you try is locked in. Merge the blogs. Doesn’t work as expected? Do something about then. For now, do what will be easier, and less likely to cause you any stress. Those of us that love you will find you.

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