It’s not a competition, you guys!

It’s not a competition, you guys!

Right now, in this family (and in that I count my close circle of friends, because I make no less a lifetime commitment to them than I do to actual relatives) there are three people with torn rotator cuffs, one person with cancer who’s just started treatment, one person with cancer who’s just had surgery, one person with pancreatitis, and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I am over Shingles and the flu and Bronchitis because I am barely holding it together as it is — if I were sick, too? I’d lose my mind right now.

As it is I am trying to make myself available to Sickos … wait, that sounds wrong, that sounds a lot dirtier than I mean it, har har… anyway, there are a lot of people around me who are sick, and as I am at the moment NOT sick, I am trying to do my best by them.

That does mean that some things, like, well, work, are sort of on a back burner right now, and as a workaholic y’all know how that sticks in my craw a bit. I do like to come down hard on myself for not meeting deadlines and obligations I have set for myself that nobody else is aware of. But family and friends come first, especially when they are in need and you have the ability to care for them.

If you’re ordering something from HaldeCraft it will still go out within 24-48 hours, as usual, and if you email me with a question I will get back to you as soon as possible. But custom work is on hold right now – if I’m supposed to be working on something for you and it has a deadline please contact me – and restocks/new things may be a little behind schedule for the next couple of weeks. What is the line? “I’m dancing as fast as I can”….?

So thank you for your patience! I’m just so grateful, again, that I’m not the one that’s sick right now! Now someone remind everyone I know that getting the worst illness or injury or infection… it’s not a competition. Y’all don’t have to keep trying to outdo each other, mmmkay?!

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