Like all the best holidays rolled into one

Like all the best holidays rolled into one

You guys! YOU GUYS! This weekend was SO MUCH FREAKING FUN!!!!

While I always get stressed the week before Open House, worrying that I don’t have everything ready, when I woke up Saturday morning it felt like Christmas. The whole day was filled with friends and laughter and Crafting! Then a few of us went to dinner and that felt like a celebration, like gathering for a birthday or something (we could have used less creepy Halloween clowns walking around the joint, but whatever, they were having a Halloween party and he never actually came TO our table so we didn’t have to murder him in self-defense). And the next morning we had a house full of friends for brunch (apricot juice and champagne may be my new favorite drink… although that Strawberry Rhubarb cider was a lot better than I expected it to be).

Sunday morning with food and laughter and the smell of bacon cooking and the sound of champagne corks popping as old friends meet new friends and become friends… it really felt like New Year’s morning at my aunt and uncle’s house. And I got to thinking how the day before felt like Christmas… and thinking about how I start planning for next year, business-wise, around my birthday, which always feels like a new year to me more than New Year’s does sometimes… between all of that and having taken a full week off and gone away to Disney, yesterday and this morning I feel… different. Restarted. Ready. Excited. As if I’m done stumbling through the brambles of this year that has kept trying to catch me and pull me off-balance and I am ready to clear this path with a GD flame-thrower if I have to, and storm down it to my future.

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