tap! tap! Is this thing on…?

tap! tap! Is this thing on…?


What the heck, you guys. Time. It’s like a flat circle, like a frisbee, and someone just flung it out of my reach!


Lots of new tortoise activity around the property (Gramps went missing and at least two new tortoises moved in)… lots of blacksmithing… Amanda brought me three new fishes for Cetty and Joe’s pond… I had a lot of custom orders with HaldeCraft… you might have heard there was this eclipse thing…? … I had a craft show in Orlando that got me to do the three things that make me the most stressed about travel (driving on rides I don’t know, driving at night, driving in the rain… ALL OF THESE AT THE SAME TIME, YO)… and Amy and I and her two babies started a drive up to South Bend.


Started in South Bend, with a family trip that was like Thanksgiving… I got an anvil and a whole bunch of blacksmithing supplies… which means that Open Forge in Leslie’s shop is pretty much done, and now I’m on my own… we got back from South Bend with just enough time to get ready for a hurricane… after which a September show I usually do was cancelled but that was OK because I came down with the flu and was sick for about two weeks… and I worked on more custom orders for HaldeCraft.


A visit from an out-of-town friend… a week-long trip to Walt Disney World with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, to celebrate our birthdays (I was born on Aunt Gay’s birthday)… then back to Disney one day to see the 10,000 Maniacs… and now we’re off to NecronomiCon for the weekend, to see CarolAndEric and enjoy ChrisAndSharon for what might be our last Florida con together. Then next weekend is the next HaldeCraft Open House.

Y’all. My brain. She is oatmeal. I mean, I’m happy! I love life! But I can’t hold a thought in my head longer than about 15 seconds, and OH LOOK A CHICKEN. I keep getting emails from my HaldeCraft website host about Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and how I should plan for the holiday season – they’ve even put a little ticker on the dashboard of my site counting down to the Friday after Thanksgiving, GOOD LORD. I get it! The holiday season is coming! (Are there really people out there who don’t know this?!) But part of me feels like there’s shit I wanted to get done in, like, July, and I still haven’t accomplished it. How can I be ready for Christmas?!

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