Today, we recover!

Today, we recover!

Christmas was ridiculously fun this year; Santa was overly generous to me, and while our dinner for 30 turned into dinner for 23, the amount of food everyone ate more than made up for the people who had to cancel and the studio positively rang with laughter and cheer. We are genuinely lucky to be surrounded by such caring, witty people so in touch with (and generous with) their hearts.

I don’t really have anything to add to that… I feel like if I read off a list of gifts I got I’d come off as sounding very spoiled (although I may have to take a picture of all the books later!), and I’m really kind of still too tired to really think of anything to say. (The dogs and I have all gotten into some chiggers, and even though I’ve been trying to put stuff on my ankles, I was up half the night last night burning and itching – needless to say I did not sleep very well).

Today is recovery, and other than moving stuff back around in the studio our plans are to take it easy. Meaning, Tim plans to nap and I plan to putter around the studio and prep for digging into work tomorrow, heh. Dinner tonight with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, and then Jenn and Stu are going to join us for Rogue One (my second time, everyone else’s first).

Happy holiday season to all of you!

PS. Edited to add – I had the weirdest dream last night. It was the apocalypse, a plague or something and society was being reduced to small groups of dug-in survivalists defending themselves against roving gangs, and for some reason Matthew McConaughey had glommed onto me but he was just completely fucking useless. Every time I managed to get us into a good survivalist group, they’d realize he was just utterly useless and had nothing to offer the group – no skills at all – and they’d boot him out. I felt sorry for him so I kept leaving with him even though I didn’t even know why we were together, I really don’t care that much for him and in the apocalypse he was really kind of dragging me down. What the heck?!

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