Bah, humbug

Bah, humbug


I did have about six paragraphs written, but then there was an accident with the keyboard and a cat when I got up to refresh my coffee, and I really don’t feel like writing it all out again.

Yesterday I cleaned out the studio – like, really cleaned! – in preparation for using it to host dinner tomorrow for 30 people. The upside of that is that it’ll be really clean for me to start working in there again on Monday! Huzzah! Today I need to hang some Christmas decorations in there, make it a little festive. Then Tim and Joe will move the tables in some time today. I won’t cover/set them even though it would be a time-saver, since the boys stay in the studio overnight and I don’t want them knocking all my china to the ground. So tomorrow I’ll set the tables.

Tomorrow is also Christmas morning at Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s… I still feel bad that some of my presents blew up in the kiln. Ugh. Glad I bought a little something off of everyone’s wish lists…! I was thinking those would be “extra things” but it looks like those are the things.

OK… time to go; things to do, people to see, and all that. Well. Cats to see. I probably won’t blog tomorrow, so, Happy Christmas, everyone! XOXO

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