Another small time crunch

Another small time crunch

So now that the mad dash of getting things together for craft shows is over, it’s time to get things together for Christmas! I meant to fire the kiln (I’d already loaded it up with greenware) when I got back on Sunday, and I totally forgot what with unloading the car and wanting to get out to Leslie’s blacksmithing open house. So I fired it first thing yesterday and I should be able to open it in about another 100 degree drop (maybe an hour, ninety minutes or so).

Then it’s glaze a few things today and tomorrow, load up the low-fire stuff I’ve already glazed, add to that as things dry, and do a low-fire firing Wednesday. Meanwhile I’ll start glazing again, Wednesday and Thursday, and do a mid-range fire on Friday. Unload Saturday, wrap the last of the presents, clean the heck out of my studio, bring in all the tables, and set them for dinner on Sunday — Christmas dinner is going to be in the studio because unlike Thanksgiving, the weather looks to be icky and we have about 20 people we don’t want to make sit in the rain.

Also Thursday I need to go into Gainesville again — last year we put Chex Mix at everyone’s place setting for dinner, and I really liked that. But I don’t have enough to do that again *and* send out what I want to, so “2016: The Year Chex Mix Got Made Twice”! I think ending the year with two batches of homemade spicy love goodness is a nice counterpoint to the dumpster fire of the rest of the year.

OK… I think that’s it for this morning. I thought, when I went to sleep last night, I was all, “don’t forget to blog about ——-“. Do I remember what that was? HECK NO. I’ll probably remember as soon as I hit post, tell myself to remember to blog about it tomorrow, and maybe six months from now it’ll actually get remembered when I’m at the computer. Sigh. Brains.

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