Today, we recover from recovering!

Today, we recover from recovering!

Dinner and the movie last night was great; the theater was crowded but we got there early enough that all six of us could sit together, and they all loved Rogue One as much as I did when I saw it for the first time (I also still do).

Yesterday we worked on recovering the house and studio. Tim and Joe got the tables moved back early in the day, and then I moved the work tables back. After I did that, Tim moved the wheels back, and then I started straightening a little and getting things ready for some work this week. I need to test dye a future new colorway, then I need to make a little soap, and then by the end of the week I need to be set up to be able to dye yarn club over the next two weeks. Which also means I need to be set up to wind yarn, so I have a few more boxes and things to go through and move around today!

I also wedged about 25 lbs of clay yesterday, and I’d like to start throwing today. I owe a mug to a vendor from Big Bang Bazaar, and I have to remake everything that blew up in the kiln the other week. Sigh. I figure I can throw some today (and pour some today, if I can get that table cleaned off early enough in the day), tomorrow trim what I threw today and throw just as much, Thursday trim what I throw tomorrow and also pour some more, Friday I have a massage in the middle of the day (hoooray!) so most likely not a lot of work getting done that day unless I get some computer work done early or late in the day. Then Saturday is the big Haldeman New Year’s Eve Party, and the next day is usually a slow day spent with family. The day after, I guess, is officially back to work, although that feels both forever from now and super rushed.

Part of me wants to do nothing today but stare off into space and think about ceramics, and part of me wants to do nothing but actually go work on ceramics. Hmmm. I might need more coffee first, either way the day goes.

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