I have nothing wise to say

I have nothing wise to say

If you want to read something wise, go read what Tim said on Facebook yesterday. I don’t have anything wise to say today; I am tired and cranky and need more sleep and probably more water because I’m a little dehydrated this morning. I am all out of wise this week.

Yesterday was the kind of day when everything takes three times longer to do something than you think it will – which is ridiculous because I woke up unable to sleep at 4 AM, so you’d think I’dda gotten MORE done yesterday with a couple more hours.

I did get some blog posts pre-written. I’d been doing that a little when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, catching up on my “recently knitted” blog posts. I’ve now written one scheduled to come out every other Sunday on both this and my work blog starting next week and going through the end of 2017. 26 blog posts. I hope nothing happens to me early in the year or it’s gonna be really creepy for y’all to see blog posts from me every couple of weeks until December 2017. I knew I’d fallen behind in them but I didn’t realize I was THAT far behind. I could have gone on for a few months into 2018, too, posting one every two weeks, but I thought that would have been weird. More weird than what I was doing.


I got the four mugs I’d thrown on Monday trimmed yesterday, and decorated/handles put on, and while I’d wanted to throw a lot more, other things were happening — I’d also poured a dozen molds Monday late in the day so opened them yesterday, fired the little kiln, made about 50 bars of soap, ordered about $600 worth of supplies from three different places, slab-rolled another plate like the ones that blew up in the kiln, glazed some bisque, and wound some yarn. So it was productive, my day, but all I can think about is what I wanted to do (throw some mugs) but didn’t.

Today I’ll do more of the same — I only have a few bars of soap left to make, then I’ll switch out that workspace for dyeing yarn club. I would like to pour some more molds. I’d love to throw some mugs, but I need to go into Gainesville in the middle of the day tomorrow so am not 100% sure I’ll have time to trim then – and then Saturday is the New Year’s Eve party, and Sunday is most of the day at Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s, so they’d have to sit until Monday and I’m not sure if, even covered, that they might dry out too much for trimming….? Maybe I should try it and see. At least that’ll give me an idea of how long things can sit in my studio, covered, and if they dry out too much I can always reclaim the clay.

But first, some more happy magic wake-up juice that will hopefully improve my mood and help power me through the morning! What did people DO before coffee….!

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