100 Things

100 Things

So it looks like buying/selling/moving is being pushed back towards the Fall, which is awesome (who wants to move in August in Florida anyway? Who wants to hang insulation and drywall in a small hot AC-less workshop in August? And the longer it takes to apply for a loan, the better we look to banks, having taken the last few months to do some prep work on loan application.) but it will also be slightly stressful (November is one of my two highest sales months, so a bad time to close down for a few weeks. December is better than November, but usually based on things I make in November… however, eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize — moving into a place where HaldeCraft has more room will only make everything easier and better going forward. A dip in sales is nothing compared to what I can accomplish with more room and better workspace).

It also gives us more time to go through the epic amount of STUFF in this house.

I was reading a thing recently, I forget where or would link to it, but it was essentially tips on de-cluttering your house over the course of 100 days. It had something like 60 tips, but the first one was the one that really jumped out at me… make a list of 100 things that you’ve been avoiding doing, and do one of those things every day. I figure we have about 100 days left in this house (cross your fingers) so that works out perfectly. The fact that I’ve been working on my list for three days now? And am not finished? SHUT UP, stop staring at me and giggling!

Here is my problem: I am struggling trying to find 100 things that are small things, even having broken some things up like “weed the strip of garden right next to the house” and “weed the triangle birdbath garden” rather than one big “fix the front yard, again, you lazy fool” sort of thing. So I’m happy that “hey, there’s not 100 things to do!”… however, many of the things on my list are going to take more than one day. I have a card catalog full of cassette tapes. Remember those? (Either card catalogs, or cassette tapes?!) I want to go through the tapes, compare them to my CDs, pitch tapes I also have in CD, buy MP3s of ones I don’t have, or just single songs if not the whole album. 30 drawers full of tapes. I suspect that will take me more than one day.

So will going through about 15 long boxes and close to 20 short boxes of comic books, pulling what I want to keep (Sandman, Hellblazer, Strangers in Paradise) and donating the ones I no longer want, or ones that I bought when working at the comic shop because all the other collectors were buying them. There’s a group in town here, The Sequential Artists Workshop, and I’m hoping they’d take the rest in donation. If not, some comic collectors at the next Friends of the Library book sale are going to spaz out. Anyway, I can guarantee that going through those boxes is going to take more than a day. Longer, if I can’t stop myself from opening and reading something. I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY.

Some of the things I want to clean/go through/de-clutter are what they call on UFYH, invisible corners. Stuff that’s been piled up and in the way for so long that you don’t even see it any more. That should make for some fabulous blog fodder, with before and after pictures. Or just pictures of me hiding under my desk, chewing on my hair.

But that will be later. For now, I have to go get ready to start my day. In a few hours I have my six-month follow-up mammogram-and-ultrasound (so glad they’re doing both today, so I won’t get a call-back). Hopefully the story of this one will be much less exciting than the story of the last one. I’m hoping for “the only thing they saw was Clippy, The Happy Biopsy Marker.”


4 thoughts on “100

    1. Oops! I’m so sorry – I hope I didn’t get you in trouble at work. It’s probably because the word F**K is in the title. I forget, having worked so long for myself, that I should put NSFW warnings. 🙁

  1. After literally just finishing my fourth office move in 11 years, I’m going to back away from offering unsolicited advice. I’m just going to go with, I feel your pain and worry.

  2. Sorting is tough to do on your own. Maybe you could ask a friend for help, especially during the tasks where you’re most likely to distract yourself?

    I’ve been trying to go through some of our collected crap too — I just feel stifled. But it’s really hard to let go.

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