Let’s talk about soap fragrances!

I’ve taken a good hard look at my soap fragrances, and am sort of staggered at how many I offer! Some of my favorites (Frankincense & Myrrh, Orange Clove) are great, but haven’t sold very well for me throughout the year. That and my stint this week prepping for holiday soaps made me start thinking that perhaps I need to evaluate seasonality. So I’ve divided my fragrances up into “regular” and “seasonal.”

Regular includes…

A Pirate’s Life Fresh Cut Grass Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Ancient Sedona Fresh Linens Pa’s Smokehouse
Apple Fresh Zucchini Flower Patchouli
Basil Freshly Mown Hay Pumpkin Lager
Basmati Rice Hazelnut Rain on the Down
Bay Rum Honey Rose
Black Amber & Lavender Honey Ale Rosemary Mint
Blackberry Island Coconut Sandalwood
Brown Sugar Lavender Sandalwood Vanilla
Buttercream & Snickerdoodle Lavender Lemon Sea Breeze
Caipirinha Lavender Patchouli Spiced Mahogany
Campfire Lavender Rose Sunflower
Cedar Leather Sweetgrass
Cinnamon Lettuce Tangerine Lemongrass
Cinnamon Toast Lost in the Woods Teak & Sandalwood
Clover Ma’s Kitchen Tobacco
Cocoa Butter Maple Sugar Tropical Vacation
Coconut Lemongrass Maple Syrup Vanilla
Columbian Coffee Maple Walnut Fudge Vanilla Maple Pecan
Marie’s Hearth Warrior’s Heart
Cucumber Melon Monkey Farts Wasabi
Cucumber Mint Mysore Sandalwood Wood Violet & Maple
English Ivy Nag Champa Woodberry
Fresh Baked Bread Oatmeal Stout Woodsmoke

If any of these fragrances look new to you, you’re not nuts — I’ve ordered some fragrances and am just waiting on getting a shipment of soap base before making them (I needed to use what I had to get started on the Halloween soap). Also, some of them are used as ingredients in other fragrances (Campfire, Brown Sugar) and won’t be used just on their own, barring any custom orders.

Seasonal includes:

Applejack Cranberry Chutney Pomegranate
Autumn Harvest Frankincense & Myrrh Pumpkin Pecan Cake
Candy Corn Forest Pine Pumpkin Spice
Chocolate Gift of the Magi Victorian Christmas
Chocolate Mint Gingerbread Winter Cheer
Country Christmas Gingersnap Winter Holiday Wreath
Cranberry  Orange Clove

And I’m waffling on adding Woodsmoke to that.

Now, if one of these seasonal fragrances is your favorite, I’m never going to tell you “no” if you want a custom order! But for the most part, these will disappear around January and not reappear again until this time next year. Halloween soaps will start appearing in late July/early August, Thanksgiving soaps will appear in late August/early September, and Hanukkah and Christmas soaps will start showing up around late September/early October.

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  1. Ooooohhhh!!!

    Autumn Harvest and Pumpkin Spice will definitely see orders from me this fall! 🙂

    1. 🙂

      That gives me an idea, btw, about writing a blog post describing the differences in the fragrances — I mean, “Cranberry” is pretty obvious, but… “Gift of the Magi”…? Does that smell like hair and pocket watches?

      Er, edited to add this, in case that was too obscure…

  2. I want a hundred of everything that smells like Rosemary & Mint. I have Suave shampoo in that smell and I’ve been looking all over for soap to match it.

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