Want to win a free set of winter holiday guest soaps?

I have a fragrance that I put together for the Little House on the Prairie soap club, and it’s called “40 Miles for Christmas.” I want to bring it in this year as a holiday fragrance, but I need to change the name of it — I think if you weren’t in the club, or aren’t a Laura Ingalls fan, you won’t get the title. So what I’d like from you are suggestions for a new name for the fragrance. Read the description below, put your idea in the comment section, and while I’m having my morning coffee this Monday (8/15/11) I’ll choose the one I like the best — winner will get a sixpack set of holiday themed guest soaps, in the design of their choice, in that fragrance!

40 Miles for Christmas – Two things, even now, make me tear up whenever I read the Little House books. One is Mr. Edwards walking 40 miles in the sleet and fording a swollen river to bring two little girls candy, tin cups, and a penny. For that, the fragrance is part pine and part gingerbread, with just the barest hint of peppermint.

Below are some of the designs, for your consideration –

Snowmen guest soaps Poinsettia guest soap Gingerbread House guest soaps Snowflake guest soaps

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  1. GingerMint … CandyCup….PennyPine…Loving Cup…Christmas Cup … Cold Water……

    i haven’t read all of those, that’s a tremendous Christmas gift.

  2. I’m stopped at the concept that there exists anyone who doesn’t know Little House on the Prarie. What planet would they be from to have not been exposed to these books??????? Or at the very least the tv show… What a world, what a world…

  3. And the winner is…. Terry, with “Christmas Hearth!”

    Terry, I’ll drop you a line in a bit to ask what design you want — and the rest of you, thank you! I appreciate your input, and actually have some ideas now for names of other holiday blends I might mix up!

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