Let’s talk about lotion!

Let’s talk about lotion!

Have you been washing your hands a gabillion times a day? Are your hands raw from sanitizer? I got you, Boo.

Well, until these sell out, anyway.

You may already be familiar with my goat’s milk lotion (ingredients here). I’d been restocking for online purchasing just a couple of times a year, when I had stock left over from craft shows. Well, not doing any craft shows right now, and y’all need hand lotion! So I decided to see what I had made up but not in bottles, and this means we get a little bit of a restock.

An odd restock.

I didn’t have that many bottles, and bottles are hard to come by right now – most of my distributors are saying it’ll be around September before they get bottles back in stock on any kind of regular basis. So I dug around and found that I also still had some jars, from when I was doing the 2 ounce massage lotions. Which means we have kind of a mish-mash of fragrances and container styles right now.

Plus, I have a small number of 8 ounce bottles (with pump-style caps, not squeeze bottles) that were also left over from GLAM that I’d just never put up online. They’re up online now, but I can’t make any more.

My distributors who are also out of bottles, are also out of most lotion supplies. I may have to change bases, if I want to make any kind of mid-season restocks… I will keep you posted on that if I do, and it needs to change from goat’s milk to something else. I know that a few of you have allergies and sensitivites, and I will definitely keep those in mind as I’m reviewing what’s available.

If you go to this revamped link, you’ll be able to choose in the drop-downs from container style and fragrance. Not everything that looks like you can put together is available, let me make sure that’s obvious right now – but the website will tell you ‘sold out’ if it’s not available, and how many are available if that option is in stock.

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