Question for them that likes lotions and lip balms

HaldeCraft Think Tank time!

Let’s talk lotions and lip balms.

First off, lotion — right now I have, between my various shops, the following fragrances:
Ancient Sedona
Cucumber Melon
Lavender Lemon
Rosemary Mint
Wild Iris

I’m working on bringing in the following, between now and December:
Berry Lover’s Blend (Berrylicious? Fruit Salad? Something like that.)
Pumpkin Spice

In addition, I have room to bring in (I don’t NEED to, but I could) nine more. I definitely want to bring in one “holiday” fragrance. What do you think of…
Cocoa Butter
Frankincense & Myrrh (for the holiday fragrance) (or maybe Orange Clove? Or something cookie-ish?)
Kentish Rain
Mountain Man
Nag Champa
Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey
(I’m not completely sold on a couple of those, but … would you find those fragrances appealing…?)

Now, on to lip balms! I currently have a handful, but unfortunately find flavor oils just as addictive as fragrance oil. Current flavors include:
Cucumber Melon
Lavender Lemon

In addition, I just got stuff to bring in:
Blackberry Pomegranate

Now I’m thinking of how some of those could be combined….
Blackberry Pomegranate Raspberry
Coconut Lime
Raspberry Margarita

But are there any flavors that you maybe love in a lip balm and would like to see me carry? I’ve been holding back on buying a lot of flavors because dudes, I kind of went crazy with the soap fragrances and have more than I need, and don’t want to see myself do the same thing with flavors. But if there’s something my regulars want, of course I want to carry it! I’d love to find a holiday flavor. Gingerbread…? Snickerdoodle…? Something Autumn-y. Pumpkin?

HERE IS THE PROBLEM WITH LOVING TO MAKE THINGS: It’s hard to put a lid on making things. TRUE STORY.

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  1. Love the idea of a pumpkin spice body lotion; a cranberry scent might be nice too (also for lip balm).

    The Fresh line of lip balms has a great sweetish lemon scent that is lovely.

    1. Another friend also suggested cranberry – my only “worry” is that it might be too similar to the berry blend I’m planning, since that has cranberry in it. I guess I’ll just have to mix up the blend and then stand around sniffing bottles, LOL!

  2. I’m a foodie-only for lotions and such. Unless it smells like you can eat it, it gives me a migraine. With that said, scents I like (for the holidays especially) would be thinks like a hot chocolate with marshmallows, a cranberry chutney (like the Yankee Candle type scent?), a pumpkin pie (maybe even a la mode?), maybe some kind of warm sugar cookie scent? Things like that. Not sure if I’m the target client you’re going for but I greatly appreciate when someone offers a true food/dessert scented item without it being mixed with a musk or amber or whatever.

    Several of your lipbalms already meet my foodie only scents. I could also see combos like raspberry caramel or blackberry pomegranate buttercream maybe? Though your raspberry/blackberry one sounds good.

    I second the idea of maybe a cranberry kind of lipbalm. And a pumpkin pie would be good too.

    Anyway, that’s the scent direction I would enjoy if it helps at all.

  3. For lotions, I really like Cocoa Butter, Frankincense & Myrrh, and Orange Clove. I think Orange Clove is a fall/ winter scent. Berry blend & Pumpkin spice also sound good. For me, I like citrus scents. I love lemongrass,bergomont & lemongrass, mango in just about any blend.

    For lip balm, I really like the idea of coconut lime! What would orange and coconut be like? I like all of your lip balm ideas.

    Not much help, huh?

    1. Yes, actually, that is help! 🙂

      Just yesterday I was making a list of soaps I need to restock, and Coconut Lemongrass was one. And I had a brief thought of “I wonder what kind of lotion that would make…?” … plus, I already have a coconut lip balm, and could easily combine that with lime as well, so…

  4. I have looked high and low, and it’s hard to find a Cranberry flavor! Who would have thought that?! I may have a line on one, finally — but I need to double-check that they don’t have a minimum order since that’s all I need.

    Also? Candy Corn flavored lip balm. (Note to self: do not eat!)

  5. How funny! Before I read the comments, my first thought was cranberry. I am in good company and add my vote to the masses! I also like the idea of coconut lip balm or lotion (but that is more of a summer thing for some people). I like the sugar cookie idea, but wonder if that would be quite close to the buttercream you already offer. I really do hope to see mountain man come out in your lotion line. Blueberry, or like blueberry pie, would be nice (and could appeal to children).

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