Cat whiskers


I bought this plant at the Farmer’s Market here in Gainesville maybe…eight years ago? Nine? Maybe longer than that, because I’d gone that morning with someone I no longer spend a lot of time with, and haven’t in about ten years. Anyway, it hasn’t bloomed in maybe two years, even though it still sends up spindly little stalks every spring. I thought maybe it was dead but didn’t know it yet, and have been debating trying to find another one because I really like the blossoms. Then on the way out to the car yesterday, I saw THREE blooms on it! That makes me happy, even though I’ve also noticed in the last couple of weeks that I seriously need to get out there and weed — all the rain we had in August has inspired the weeds to come up like, well, weeds. Hopefully, next week being “lotion and lip balm” week, I’ll have time to do that (even though I actually do have a lot of lotion and lip balm to make). Which reminds me I have a question for people interested in lotions and lip balms. I’ll post that later…. already today I’m feeling behind in things I need to do, and I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee yet. That’s just unfair.

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