Rock City: We Has Seen It

Thursday, Tim and Arne and I went to Rock City (if you’re seeing this through a Reader you won’t see the photo album between this and the next paragraphs).

[pictobrowser type=”flickr” userID=”haldechick” albumID=”72157626961793527″]

Tim and I had seen Rock City before, way back in November of 2005. Because that was around Thanksgiving, they had the whole place decked out for Christmas; we got there too late in the day to actually get in to see the park proper, and were only let in at night to see the lights (and gnomes). Ever since then I’ve wanted to see it during the day, since most of what I wanted to see was the immense view, and at night? Not so easy to make out. As you can tell by my 107 photos, I really liked what I saw. The interesting thing (to me) was that I didn’t really realize what a nature park it is. Plants are marked with labels and there are spots set aside for deer, and birds, and overall it was more like a botanical garden with some crazy-ass gnomes thrown in. Also a great view.

And I can’t believe we were brave enough to walk across that bridge!

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