Late Friday night we got into South Bend, and we were of course greeted with the usual Conyers flinging-open-of-the-arms — we hung out in Bill and Cathy’s kitchen for hours just chatting, nibbling, drinking, and waiting for more sisters and cousins to show up. Eventually we had a housefull, and I fell blissfully into sleep.

Saturday brought the “usual” for Cathy and I (me and Cathy?) — we went to “her” yarn store over in Niles (The Red Purl) and then to Houlihan’s for massive appetizers and twee martinis (they have a martini sampler; you can choose three from about seven types).

Road Trip, Day... Four

The logo for Red Purl is a dog balancing a red ball of yarn on its nose; Bill, Tim and Cathy’s dad, made the giant “sign” that she has. How awesome is that?! I really, really, love it – both from a loving blacksmithing point of view and from a yarn store owner’s point of view. How fabulous would it be to have such a one-of-a-kind thing in your shop?! Ahhhh! Love it! I also love Red Purl. Amy is very funny and welcoming, and even though this is only the second time we’ve met, I feel right at home with her. She is my people! I highly recommend her shop to anyone in the area.

Later in the evening it was over for a pre-show at Bill and Linda’s, where we had about 50 people for dinner (about half of what we’re expecting for the Reunion Proper later today).


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  1. Saturday brought the “usual” for Cathy and I (me and Cathy?)

    The best way I heard it explained so I remembered it was take out the “and” and just say the sentence with just you and see what sounds right. That is then the correct answer for both as well.

    So, “Saturday brought the usual for me” would be correct and thus “Saturday brought the usual for Cathy and me” would also be correct.

    One of those little tricks that stuck with me! 🙂

    1. Yeah, actually, I know that, being raised by writers and all; I was just rambling in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way. But thank you.

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