Whirlwind Birthday Vacation Trip, Day Four

Wake up – brr! It was 37 degrees! I packed for the 50’s… not for the 30’s. But the insulting part? NO SNOW. I feel cheated. Of course the first thing I did was run outside in my socks (thanks for the Crocs, Cathy) and take pictures of steaming trees. In my pj’s. Dork.

After that it was off to a soccer game… followed by a trip to Red Purl (Cathy’s local yarn store) where I did much fondling of yarn, much going back and forth between my list of things I want to make and my calculator (just discovered my phone has one, and I’m thrilled!) and wound up getting a sweater’s worth of yarn (mmmmm, Blue Sky Alpaca, I love you so)… followed by a trip to Tim’s parents where Cathy and I could check in on our boys, who were all doing fine and ready for pie… so we left them there and went to Houlihan’s, where Cathy and I *have* to go (seriously, it’s a ritual now) to for the three-martini-taster and the kick-ass fried mushrooms, fried calamari, and (new item) fried asparagus. Say hello to my ass, which now has it’s own zip code.

After that it was back to the house to load up our stuff and get in the car… and then a few very long hours back to Cincinnati. For those of you considering a Chevy Malibu? Great in-city car; but on long trips it will fuck up your back – this car does NOT have comfy seats for long-distance driving! When we got back to Cincy, there were a hundred people in the condo. OK; seven. But to go from a quiet car (we’re on Harry Potter #5) and thinking you’re going to check email and go to bed… and suddenly there’s a handful of people all asking you questions and hugging and laughing? It was great, don’t get me wrong – but I must have sounded like a moron because my brain quit working this evening somewhere around Indianapolis; so every time someone asked me something my answer was “I don’t know!” … so yeah. I must have sounded BRILLIANT.

Oh!!! It’s four minutes after midnight! Happy birthday to me! And Aunt Gay!


I’m totally having cake for breakfast.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Goodies on their way to you soon. And yes, there will be maple chocolate. You may commence the happy dance.

  2. Just about this hour, 40 years ago, labor pains were starting. It was worth it, even if it did take til 10pm to get the job done.

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