Whirlwind Birthday Vacation, Day Three

How can I be so tired? Most of my day has been spent in the car!


Hospital – Uncle Joe, while not out of the woods, is still looking good. He asked me where he was, and why (good thing I can lip-read) so even though Aunt Gay has told him repeatedly, I told him again. He seemed to get it, but with being on an amnesiac I don’t know how much of the story he’ll retain.

Jungle Jim’s – through the magic of Facebook I was able to hook up with an old friend who lives in Cincy; she and her daughter met Tim and Rusty and Aunt Gay and I at Jungle Jim’s. She did say repeatedly… “really? The Jungle? Out of all the places you could go in Cincy?” but what can I say… I love the tacky.

Drive to South Bend – about five hours. Got a lot of knitting done. Finished the fourth Harry Potter book and began the fifth (on audio).

South Bend – greeted by the fabulous family with their faces pressed up against the doors and windows, and then treated to the best dinner ever (there’s something about food that’s made with love) and followed up with birthday cake! And birthday cupcakes! I love, love, love Tim’s family. I can’t thank them enough for making me feel at home with them. Sometimes my friends talk about how they go to their in-laws houses and feel so out of place… me, I feel at home.

And now, I am off for some sleep. I will dream of spice cake with buttercream icing!

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  1. You know, if I was in a hospital bed with variable memory, I’d want someone to write down why I was there, so I could wake up and read it – a big poster over the bed. And the words “we love you” wouldn’t hurt either…

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